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The Jura has a total vineyard area of just 80 kilometres spread throughout a region that is far larger. The altitude, orientation and grape varieties of its vineyards vary enormously and its unique geographical location allows this region to produce a variety of different wines, some more well-known than others. The semi-continental climate of hot summers and cold winters and its proximity to the mountains means that this region sees huge temperature variations throughout the year. The vines are situated on the lower slopes of these mountains at an altitude of 250 to 500 metres and the soil is rich in limestone, clay and sand.
The Jura is home to the famous and hugely sought-after vins jaunes (yellow wine) and vins de paille (straw wine):

Vins de paille

Vins de paille (straw wine) is a sweet wine. The grapes used to make this wine are laid out on straw mats or suspended in cages so as to dry them out: this concentrates the juices and gives the wines their amber colour and excellent ageing ability.

Vin jaune

Vin jaune (yellow wine) is made exclusively from Savignin. The grapes are harvested late and undergo classic fermentation. The wine is then matured oxidatively for six years and three months in small barrels where a layer of yeast forms at the top. The resulting wine has a deep golden hue and fantastic ageing ability.