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Domaine Marcel Lapierre has established itself as an undisputed benchmark in Beaujolais of fine natural wine. For nearly 40 years the domain has held organic certification but goes much further than this, taking inspiration from biodynamic methods. Work in the vineyard respects the viticultural tradition of the region while vinifications are natural or as close to natural as possible. The result: charming wines with crisp fruit aromas that are fresh, delicious and aerial. Immediate pleasure guaranteed!

Marcel Lapierre is "the pope" of natural Beaujolais, loaded with delightfully silky and voluptuous fruit. He inspired a generation of wine growers such as Jean Foillard and Georges Descombes, among others. Today it is his son Mathieu who manages the property (with organic certification) and preserves his father's style and philosophy. The vines, which are around 60 years old on average, produce fruit forward wines which command great respect. He follows biodynamic cultivation methods and his vinification process is very traditional (the whole grape undergoes carbonic semi-maceration in the Beaujolais style without the use of SO2). He is a master when it comes to the maturation process. With this exceptional Morgon terroir, Lapierre creates wines that boast immense fruit that are a beautiful example of a Beaujolais cru. This is one of the most legendary domains in Beaujolais and a sound investment.


Marcel Lapierre: All wines from this producer

Marcel Lapierre: All wines from this producer

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