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Clos Canarelli is one of Corsica’s most emblematic and dynamic domains. Biodynamic for several years now, it is known for its use of old, native grape varieties and vines that date back to before the phylloxera crisis, as well as for its masterful vinifications carried out, in part, in amphorae.

Clos Canarelli is one of Corsica's most emblematic domains thanks to the exceptional quality of its red and white wines but it is also one of the most innovative. Yves Canarelli has turned this family property into one of Corsica's most dynamic domains. It consists of 38 hectares spread out over the Figari appellation, one of France's sunniest winemaking regions. The wind and the proximity to the mountains, however, allow the vines to produce chiselled and balanced wines. Yves takes a great interest in Ampelography, the study of grapevines, and the vines been cultivated biodynamically for several years. Yves has also managed to reintroduce some forgotten native grape varieties such as Bianco Gentile, Carcaghjolu and Minustellu, but the domain's achievements don't stop there. Since 2009, Canarelli has produced a red wine from some vines in the village of Orazi that date back to before the phylloxera crisis: the Cuvée Terra d'Orazi is vinified in clay amphorae. Finally, in 2016, the domain was responsible for resurrecting the first Clos de Bonifacio, a limestone rich parcel located above Corsica's most southern town.

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Clos Canarelli

Clos Canarelli
: All wines from this producer

Vin de France  Tara d'Orasi

Vin de France Tara d'Orasi - Vin de France (Red)

Sciacarellu, minustellu, niellucciu, cinsault

Une cuvée confidentielle à l'originalité aromatique.

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Vin de France Tara d'Orasi - Vin de France (White)

100% vermentinu

In this wine, old, pre-phylloxera Vermentino expresses exceptional power and concentration.

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Figari - Figari (Red)

niellicciu, Syrah

A superb and powerful wine with black berry aromas yet fine and delicate tannins. A perfect example of a great Corsican red!

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Vin de France Tarra di Sognu - Vin de France (Red)


Full-bodied and ample, this Corsican wine has energy to spare!

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Vin de France Tarra di Sognu - Vin de France (White)

biancu gentile, rimenese, vermentinu

This blend from one of Corsica's iconic producers strikes an irresistibly subtle and precise balance between velvety and fresh.

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Figari - Figari (White)

100% vermentino

In these soils, the Vermentino grape – known as Rolle in Provence – expresses its full potential. A superb southern white; a real must-try.

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Vin de France Alta Rocca - Vin de France (Red)

100% sciaccarellu

This is a 100% Sciaccarellu cuvée with excellent ageing potential.

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Figari Amphora - Figari (White)

100% vermentinu

A single-variety Vermentinu with superb texture, matured in traditional amphora jars.

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Figari Amphora - Figari (Red)

majorité de niellucciu, scicarellu, carcajolu néru

Amphora is the domaine's flagship cuvée. A full and delicious wine that deserves to be discovered!

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Vin de France Bianco Gentile - Vin de France (White)

100% bianco gentile

A remarkably delicate vin de France by one of Corsica's emblematic figures.

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Figari - Figari (Rosé)

sciacarellu, Grenache, niellucciu

Clos Canarelli rosé is one of the top rosé wines for food pairings. It has the fruitiness of a red wine and the texture of a white wine. Superb!

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Figari Le Petit Clos - Figari (Red)


Ce petit clos, qui n’a de petit que le nom, est une parfaite introduction au style inimitable de ce vigneron corse emblématique.

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Figari Le Petit Clos - Figari (Rosé)

Grenache, Sciacarello

Un joli rosé corse, où le grenache et le sciacarello s’allient dans une bouche ronde et fraîche.

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What the guides say...

  • La Revue du vin de France
The energetic Yves Canarelli has established himself as a truly great winemaker of the Figari area in southern Corsica. [...] This domain is writing a beautiful new chapter in the history of Corsican viticulture and it is writing it with enthusiasm and determination.
  • Bettane & Desseauve
For the moment, there are no other domains in Corsica that can compete with Canarelli, considering the mineral tension we don’t often find in Figari. An exceptional level of viticulture and vinification is confirmed in the elite cuvées made by Yves Canarelli.

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