Information & scores : 1992 Burgundy

  • Red 15/20
  • White 15/20

Vintage description 1992 Burgundy

A particularly good year for Burgundy wines in comparison with other regions. The harvest was very early (the earliest since 1976). Conditions were excellent with summer temperatures in September. The volume of grapes was above average: well ripened and in excellent sanitary state. The yields for the red wines were not always sufficiently controlled. This resulted in variable levels of intensity, producing wines that are on the whole quite good to good. Despite this heterogeneity, the wines have very soft tannins and are indisputably elegant and delicate. Today, there are very much appreciated. The harvest for the red wines was not quite so abundant and produced more concentrated wines with more assertive tannins. They will become more harmonious and complex as they get older. Despite an abundant harvest, most of the white wines are excellent. These wines showed their potential at a very early age. They have a remarkable aromatic expression. They are beautifully rich on the palate. Dense and soft, they have a long, persistent finish.