Information & scores : 2013 Alsace

  • Indifférent 15/20

Vintage description 2013 Alsace

Climatic conditions in 2013 in the Alsace were very challenging. A wet spring and low temperatures until June delayed the vines' growth cycle from the outset and although the summer was fine enough and suitably sunny, this delay was never really overcome.

As vines had struggled to complete their growth cycles, the quality of harvests was inconsistent. Overall, acidity levels are higher, especially in Rieslings and Gewurztraminers. Logically, the most successful wines, especially in the Riesling area, should be the later harvested grands crus, as the longer wait slightly reduces potentially excessive acidity levels. However, nothing was straightforward in 2013 and heavy rain at the beginning of October threatened to wipe out crops in a very delicate condition. For this reason Late Harvest wines and Sélections de Grains Nobles for the 2013 vintage will be rare.

The precarious weather conditions significantly reduced the volume of harvests (-15% compared to the average in recent years). Of the less common grape varieties, there have been some very good results with Sylvaner but overall it has been a much more difficult year for Pinot Noir reds.