Domain: Fouassier

Domaine Fouassier is a family-run property on the slopes of the Piton de Sancerre. The Fouassiers are one of the oldest winemaking families in the appellation, going back several generations. The vineyard boasts almost 56 hectares, planted with 80% Sauvignon and 20% Pinot Noir, and has been cultivated on biodynamic principles since the early 2000s. The wide range of whites make for a wonderful palette of wines - some light and fruity and others fleshy or mineral. The reds, as good Pinot Noirs, are elegant and distinguished.

Fouassier: All wines from this producer

Fouassier: All wines from this producer

Sancerre Les Romains Fouassier (Domaine)
Sancerre Les Grands Champs Fouassier (Domaine)
Sancerre L'Etourneau Fouassier (Domaine)
Sancerre La Garenne Fouassier (Domaine)
Sancerre Clos Paradis Fouassier (Domaine)
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