Home to the longest river in France, the Loire Valley is also an important wine region that rose to fame during the Renaissance. Fashionable amongst royals, it became the principal supplier of wine to Paris during this period. It is a region that boasts around 200,000 hectares of vines that run the length of the river. As you might imagine in such a big region, many different wine styles are produced: dry, semi dry and sweet whites as well as light and full reds can all be found, not to mention Rosés and Crémants. In addition to the many local grape varieties planted here (Chenin blanc, Tressalier, St-Pierre-Doré, Grolleau, Pineau d'Aunis, Sauvignon blanc) you can also find Gamay, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Cabernet-Franc grapes. Vinification here follows the ‘classic’ method that we see in Bordeaux (with the exception of some sparkling wines). Pays Nantais, Anjou-Saumur, Touraine and Loire-Centre are the four appellations that constitute this region.

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Anjou-Saumur and pays Nantais

Thanks to a favourable geographical location between the Massif- Armoricain, the Massif Vendén, Poitou and the Paris Basin, this area has diverse terroirs and produces wines of many different styles that, when from a good vintage, have exceptional ageing potential. This is an area that benefits from a good climate: winters are not too harsh, summers are fairly warm and autumns are mild (which encourages noble rot). Anjou-Saumur produces a lot of red wine from Cabernet-Franc. Stylistically the reds from Saumur are rather fresh and fruity while from Anjou they are more fleshy and tannic. White wines here are principally made from Chenin, Sauvignon and Chardonnay and are light, fruity and easy drinking. The Pays Nantais, on the other hand, produces mostly Muscadet and White Gamay from vines that were planted in 1740. Wines here are fresh and lively with light, fruity aromas.


Touraine is home to the old Roman city of city Tours. However, Tours is not the only ancient relic left in these parts: many of the vines that surround the city date back to Roman times. Wines from Touraine have been popular amongst some of the greatest writers and poets such as Rabelais and Balzac. This wine region benefits from a consistent and mild climate with both the summers and the winters escaping extreme temperatures. This micro-climate allows for the production of excellent wines and is particularly suited to sweet wines. Very aromatic, red wines from Touraine are generally fruit forward while the whites are characterised by their freshness. The best reds in this area come from the Chinon and Bourgueil appellations which are situated on either banks of the river. They are mainly made out of Cabernet-Franc. Other red wines from this area, such as Touraine, are made from Gamay and Cabernet-Sauvignon. Sweet white wines are produced in Vouvray and Montlouis. They boast excellent aromatic depth and are made from Chenin or Pineau-Blanc. This area also produces dry whites under the Touraine appellation and sparkling whites in Vouvray.


The vineyards in this widespread area are situated on chalky hills. In Sancerre, vines grow on sunny slopes at 200 metres altitude. The climate is continental, with short but hot summers and long, cold winters. Spring frosts are always a concern in Pouilly. Wines produced here are generally Sauvignon-Blancs or Pinot Noirs. Fruity and herbaceous, these wines are elegant and refined. Loire-Centre is made up of five main appellations: Menetou-Salon, Pouilly-Fumé, Quincy, Reuilly and Sancerre.

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Alexandre Bain Alphonse Mellot André-Michel Bregeon Antoine Sanzay Domaine des Baumard Bernard Baudry Bonnet-Huteau Catherine et Pierre Breton Charles Joguet Château de Bellerive Château de Brézé Château de Chamboureau Château de Fesles Château de Fosse Sèche Château de Suronde Château des Rochettes Château du Hureau Château Yvonne Clau de Nell Clos du Tue-Boeuf Clos Roche Blanche Clos Rougeard Domaine du Closel - Château des Vaul... Domaine du Collier Complices de Loire Didier Dagueneau Domaine des Chesnaies Domaine des Roches Neuves Fosse-Sèche Fouassier François Chidaine François Cotat François Crochet Gérard Boulay Grosbois Guiberteau Henri Bourgeois Hubert Brochard Huet Jo Landron Domaine de La Butte Domaine de La Chevalerie Domaine de La Ducquerie La Taille aux Loups Domaine de l'Ecu Domaine Mardon Michel Redde & Fils La Coulée de Serrant Patrick de Ladoucette Philippe Alliet Pierre Luneau-Papin René Couly René Renou René-Noël Legrand Richard Leroy Domaine du Rocher des Violettes Domaine Saint-Just Sébastien Brunet Stéphane Bernaudeau Vacheron Vincent Pinard Yannick Amirault Vincent Gaudry Château de Villeneuve Clos Naudin Domaine de Bellevue Domaine de Bellivière Pré Sémélé Le Petit Saint Vincent Lucien Crochet Vincent Careme Xavier Amirault Les Clos des Carteries Olga Raffault Claude Riffault La Grange Tiphaine Les Poëte Amirault Grosbois Christian Vénier Clos de la Grille - Marie-Pierre Raf... Clovis Lefèvre Delaporte Delesvaux Domaine de Villalin Domaine des Pothiers Domaine Mark Angeli - Ferme de la Sa... Edmond Vatan Eric Bordelet Eric Morgat Henry Pellé Jo Pithon La Porte Saint Jean Château de La Roulerie Michel Chevré Montgilet Pascal Cotat Pierre Jacques Druet Stéphane Cossais Bonnigal-Bodet Château Soucherie Domaine de l'R Arnaud Lambert Domaine de Bel Air Clos Cristal Les Roches Domaine de la Lunotte Mosse Andrée Patrick Corbineau Bobinet La Grapperie Jonathan Didier Pabiot Clos des Treilles Thibaud Boudignon Xavier Caillard - Les Jardins Esmera... Lise et Bertrand Jousset Daniel Crochet Saint-Nicolas Clos des Plantes Olivier Lejeune La Paonnerie Patrick Baudouin Mai & Kenji Hodgson Bruno Dubois Belargus Eric Callcut Sérol (Domaine) Château de Plaisance Terre de l'Elu Les Cailloux du Paradis - Claude Cou... Kummel Pierre Ménard Michel Autran Domaine des Griottes Version Française