Domaine de La Butte

Domaine de La Butte

Domain: Domaine de La Butte

Renowned and respected by connoisseurs for the quality of his white wines, Jacky Blot wanted to apply the same production methods to make red wines. On the hunt for good Cabernet Franc soil, he travelled around the sectors of Chinon, Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil and Bourgueil, in an area of Touraine where Cabernet Franc enjoys ideal climatic conditions. Jacky Blot ended up finding fourteen hectares of land, of which twelve were single-plot, all located in one of Bourgueil's most beautiful hillside slopes, south-facing and unusual for the region. The entire estate lies on calcareous sedimentary rock from the end of the secondary era. No vine roots are planted in the Loire alluvium. The soil here is exceptional thanks to the permanent presence of limestone and wonderful south-facing slopes. The entire area is planted with Cabernet Franc exclusively. The average age of vines here (30) offers a rich diversity, from ten years on the top of the hillock to fifty years mid-slope. As in Montlouis and in Vouvray, at Jacky Blot's other estate (La Taille aux Loups), the Bourgueil vineyard is entirely worked and treated with sustainable practices in mind, with no chemical pesticides or weedkillers.


Domaine de La Butte: All wines from this producer

Domaine de La Butte: All wines from this producer

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