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Eglise Clinet is one of the micro-properties scattered through the appellation. Little known, it produces one of Pomerol's best wines. The vineyard has belonged to the Durantou family for many years. Formed during the 19th century near the Eglise Saint Jean in Pomerol, it is made up of plots from the Clos de L'Eglise (that has belonged to the family since the 18th century) to which were added some vines purchased from Château Clinet. The vineyard benefits from an excellent terroir, made up of gravel and clay, with well-drained soil on a slight slope. Well-oriented, the vines escaped the terrible frost of 1956, and also those of 1985 and 87. The vines today have an average age of more than 40 years old. The varieties planted are traditional for Pomerol, with a high proportion of Merlot (85%) combined with Cabernet Franc (15%). The property only uses natural fertilizer (organic compost) to treat the vines. After the harvests, the grapes are completely destemmed.

Château l'Église Clinet
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Église Clinet

Église Clinet - Pomerol (Red)

80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet franc

Fin et racé, voici un grand vin qu'il convient de laisser reposer en cave pour le savourer à sa juste mesure.

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