Wines from Bordeaux

All wines from Bordeaux

A Roman stronghold before becoming English for two centuries, Guyenne underwent numerous influences. Appearing in the 1st century A.D., the vineyard experienced major growth under English domination. At that time, the name of the wine was "claret". The vineyard of Bordeaux: Nowadays the vineyard of Bordeaux covers practically the entire département of Gironde. Crus with very specific characteristics are spread along the River Garonne. On the left bank, the large ensemble is composed of Sauternais, Graves and Médoc. On the right bank, we find the regions of Libournais-Blayais and Entre-deux-mers. The vineyard of Bordeaux comprises 115,000 hectares (ha) and 57 AOC. Terroirs and Bordeaux grape varieties: the soil of Gironde, which is very diverse in its nature, often produces its red wines on sandy gravel sediments. Their white wines come from chalky, silt or molasse alluvial sheets. The climate is oceanic with occasional springtime frosts. It produces wines from different grape varieties, the main ones being Cabernet, Merlot, Sémillon and Sauvignon.

Wines from Bordeaux


Château d'Agassac Château d'Aiguilhe Château Ampélia Château Andoyse du Hayot Château Andréas Château Andron Blanquet Château Angélus Château d'Angludet Château Annereaux Château Anthonic Château d'Archambeau Château d'Arche Château Arche (Haut-Médoc) Château d'Arcins Château d'Armailhac - Mouton Baron(n... Château Armens Château Arnauld Château l'Arrosée Château d'Arsac Arthémis Château d'Aurilhac Château Ausone Château Balac Château Balestard la Tonnelle Château de Barbe Château Barde Haut Château Bardins Baronnat Château Barreyres Château Bastor Lamontagne Château Batailley Château Béard Château Beau Site Château Beau Site Haut Vignoble Château Beau Soleil Château Beaumont Château Beauregard Château Beauséjour (Duffau-Lagarross... Château Beau-Séjour Bécot Château la Bécasse Château Bel Air (Pomerol) Château Bel Air (Lalande-de-Pomerol)... Château Bel Air La Royere Château Bel Air Marquis d'Aligre Château Bel Air Ouÿ Château Bel Orme Tronquoy de Lalande... Château Belair (Belair-Monange) Château Belgrave Château Belle Rose Château Belle-Brise Château Bellegrave (Pauillac) Château Bellerive Château Bellevue (Médoc) Château Belle-Vue Château Bellevue Mondotte Château Bellisle Mondotte Château Bergat Château Berliquet Château Bernadotte Château Bernones Château les Bertins Château Beychevelle Château Biston Brillette Château Blaignan Château le Bon Pasteur Château Bonalgue Château Bonneau Livran Château Bonnet Château le Boscq Château le Bourdieu Château Bourgneuf Château Bourgneuf Vayron Château Bouscaut Château Boyd-Cantenac Château Branaire Ducru Château Branas Grand Poujeaux Château Brane Cantenac Château du Breuil Château la Bridane Château Brillette Château Broustet Château Brown Château la Cabanne Château Cabannieux Château Cadet Piola Château Cadet-Bon Château Caillou (Barsac) Château Calon Ségur Château Cambon la Pelouse Château Camensac Château Canon Château Canon la Gaffelière Château Cantegril Château Cantelauze Château Cantelys Château Cantemerle Château Cantenac Brown Château Cantin Château Cap de Faugères Château Cap de Mourlin Château Capbern Gasqueton Château Carbonnieux Château la Cardonne Château les Carmes Haut-Brion Château Caronne Sainte-Gemme Château le Castélot Château Castera Château du Cauze Château Certan de May Château Certan Giraud Château Chambert-Marbuzet Château de Chantegrive Château Charmail Château Chasse Spleen Château Clauzet Château La Confession Château Malescot Saint-Exupéry Château Talbot Château Chauvin Château Cheval Blanc Château Cheval Noir Château Cissac Château Citran Château la Clare Château Clarisse Château Clarke Château Clément-Pichon Château Clerc Milon Château Climens Château Clinet Clos Badon Clos Beauregard Clos Bel Air Clos de la Maurasse Clos de la Vieille Eglise Clos de l'Oratoire Clos de Sarpe Château Clos des Jacobins Clos des Lunes Clos du Clocher Clos du Jaugueyron Clos du Pèlerin Clos Dubreuil Clos Floridène Clos Fourtet Château Clos Haut Peyraguey Clos la Madeleine Clos l'Eglise (Castillon) Clos l'Église (Pomerol) Clos Manou Clos Puy Arnaud Clos René Clos Saint Martin Clos Saint-Jacques Clos Trimoulet Château la Clotte Château la Clusière Château Colombier Monpelou Château la Commanderie (Pomerol) Château la Commanderie (Saint-Emilio... Château la Commanderie (Saint-Estèph... Château la Conseillante Château Corbin Château Corbin Michotte Cos d'Estournel Château Cos Labory Château Coufran Couhins Château Couhins-Lurton Château la Couronne Château la Couspaude Château Coutelin-Merville Château Coutet Château Couvent des Jacobins Château le Crock Château la Croix Château la Croix de Gay Château Croix de Labrie Château Croix des Rouzes Château la Croix du Casse Château la Croix du Merle Château la Croix Saint-Georges Château La Croix Taillefer Château la Croix Toulifaut Château Croizet Bages Château Croque Michotte Château du Cros Cru d'Arche-Pugneau Château de Cruzeau (Pessac-Léognan) Château Cruzeau (Saint-Emilion) Château Curé Bon Château Dassault Château Daugay Château Dauzac Château de Carles Château de La Rivière Château Desmirail Château Destieux Château Deyrem Valentin Château Dillon Château Doisy Daëne Château Doisy Dubroca Château Doisy-Védrines Domaine De Chevalier Domaine de l'A Domaine de la Solitude Château du Domaine de l'Église Domaines Barons de Rothschild Château la Dominique Château du Caillou (Graves) Château Ducluzeau Château Ducru Beaucaillou Château Duhart-Milon Château Duplessis Château Duplessis Fabre Château Durfort Vivens Château Dutruch Grand Poujeaux Château l'Église Clinet Château l'Enclos Château l'Enclos Haut Mazeyres Château l'Évangile Château Falfas Château de Fargues Château Faugères Château Faurie de Souchard Château Ferrand (Pomerol) Château de Ferrand (Saint-Emilion) Château Ferrande Château Ferrière Château Feytit-Clinet Château de Fieuzal Château Figeac Château Filhot Château Fleur Cardinale Château la Fleur de Gay Château la Fleur Milon Château Fleur Morange Château la Fleur Petrus Château Fombrauge Château Fonbadet Château de Fonbel Château Fonplegade Château Fonréaud Château Fonroque Château Fontenil Château Fontesteau Château Fougas Maldoror Château Fougueyrat Château Fourcas Dupré Château Fourcas Hosten Château Fourcas Loubaney Château Franc Mayne Château de France Château de Francs - Les Cerisiers Château la Gaffelière Château Galius Château la Ganne Château la Garde Château Gazin Château Gigault Cuvée Viva Château Gilette Château Gironville Château Giscours Château du Glana Château Gloria Château Gombaude Guillot Château la Gorce Château Gouprie Château la Grâce Dieu Château la Grâce Dieu des Prieurs Château la Grâce Dieu les Menuts Château Grand Barrail Lamarzelle Fig... Château Grand Corbin Château Grand Corbin Despagne Château Grand Corbin Manuel Château Grand Mayne Château Grand Moulin Château Grand Pontet Château Grand Puy Ducasse Château Grand Puy Lacoste Château les Grandes Murailles Château Grange-Neuve Château Grate-Cap Château Gravas Château Gressier Grand Poujeaux Château Greysac Château Grivière Château Gruaud-Larose Château Guadet Saint-Julien Château Guillot Château Guillot Clauzel Château Guiraud Château la Gurgue Château Hanteillan Château Haut Bages Libéral Château Haut Bages Montpelou Château Haut Batailley Château Haut Beauséjour Château Haut Breton Larigaudière Château Haut Brion Château Haut Canteloup Château Haut Corbin Château Haut Coteau Château Haut Marbuzet Château Haut Mazerat Château Haut Mazeris Château Haut Sarpe Château Haut Tropchaud Château Haut-Bailly Château Haut-Bergeron Château Haut-Bergey Château Haut-Claverie Haut-Condissas Château Haut-Gardère Château Haut-Maillet Château Haut-Nouchet Château Haut-Quercus Château Haut-Sociondo Château Haut-Villet Château l'Hermitage de Matras Château Hosanna Château Hourtin Ducasse Château d'Issan Château Jacques Blanc Château Jean Faure Château Joanin Bécot Château les Jonqueyres Château le Jurat Château les Justices Château Kirwan Château La Clémence Les Closeries des Moussis Château La Clotte-Cazalis Château La Commanderie de Mazeyres Château La Croix Figeac Lamarzelle Château de La Dauphine Château La Fleur Château La Fleur de Boüard Château La Garricq Château La Gomerie Château La Grave à Pomerol (Trigant ... Château La Marzelle Château La Mission Haut Brion La Rose Pauillac La Tour de Bessan Château La Tour de By Château La Vieille Cure Château Labégorce Château Labegorce Zédé Château Lachesnaye Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey Château Laffitte Carcasset Padirac Château Lafite-Rothschild Château Lafleur Château Lafleur Vachon Château Lafleur-Gazin Château Lafon Château Lafon Rochet Château Lagrange Château Lagrange (Graves) Château Lagrange (Pomerol) Château La Lagune Château Lalande Château Lalande Borie Château de Lamarque Château Lamothe Château Lamothe Bergeron Château Lamothe Cissac Château Lamothe Guignard Château Landat Château Lanessan Château Langoa Barton Château Laniote Château Larcis Ducasse Château Larmande Château Laroque Château Larose Trintaudon Château Laroze Château Larrivaux Château Larrivet Haut-Brion Château Larruau Château Lascombes Château Latour Château Latour à Pomerol Latour Martillac Château Latour-Martillac Château Laujac Château Laville Haut-Brion Château le Le Caillou (Pomerol) Le Puy Le Dôme Château Le Gay Château Le Pin Beausoleil l'Eglise Clinet Château Léoville Barton Château Léoville Las Cases Château Léoville Poyferré Château Les Trois Croix Château Lespault-Martillac Château Lestage Château Lestage Simon Château Leyssac Château Lieujean Château Lilian Ladouys L'Inclassable Château Liot Château Liversan Château Livran Château Loubens Château la Loubière Château Loudenne Château Loupiac Gaudiet Château la Louvière Château Lucia (ex Lucie) Château Lynch Bages Château Lynch Moussas Lynsolence Château Lyonnat Château Magdelaine Château Magence Château Magnan Figeac Château Magnan la Gaffelière Château Magnol Château Magrez Fombrauge Château Malartic-Lagravière Château Malescasse Château de Malle Château de Malleret Château Marbuzet Château Margaux Marojallia Château Marquis d'Alesme Marquis de Saint Estèphe Château Marquis de Terme Château Marsac Séguineau Château Martinens Château Martinet Château Matras Château Maucaillou Château Maucamps Château Mauras Château Mauvesin Château Mauvezin Château Mayne Lalande Château Mazeyres Château Mercier Château Meyney Château Millaud Montlabert Château Monbousquet Château Monbrison La Mondotte Château Monlot Capet Château Montbrun Château Monteils Château du Monthil Château Montrose Château Montviel Château Le Moulin Château Moulin à Vent Château Moulin de la Rose Château Moulin de Larborde Château Moulin du Cadet Château Moulin Pey-Labrie Château Moulin Riche Château du Moulin Rouge Château Moulin Saint Georges Château Moulinet Château Mouton Cadet Château Mouton Rothschild Château de Myrat Château Nairac Château Nenin Château Noaillac Château Olivier Château les Ormes de Pez Château les Ormes Sorbet Château Palais Cardinal Château Palmer Château de Panigon Château Pape Clément Château Pas de l'Ane Domaine de la Passion Haut-Brion Château la Patache Château Patache d'Aux Château Patris Château Paveil de Luze Château Pavie Château Pavie Decesse Château Pavie Macquin Château du Pavillon Château Péby Faugères Château Pedesclaux Château Petit Bocq Château Petit Faurie de Soutard Château Petit Village Petrus Château Peymouton Château Peyrabon Château de Pez Château Phélan Ségur Château Piada Château Pibran Château Pichon Longueville Baron Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse ... Château Picque Caillou Château Pierre de Lune Château Le Pin Château Pipeau Château Plagnac Château Plantey Château Plince Château la Pointe Château Pomys Château Pontac Lynch Château Pontet Chappaz Château Pontet Clauzure Château Pontet-Canet Château Pontet-Fumet Château Pontey Château Pontoise Cabarrus Château Potensac Château Pouget Château Poujeaux Château de Pressac Château Preuillac Château le Prieuré Château Prieuré Lichine Château Providence (La Providence) Château Puy Blanquet Château Puy Castera Puygueraud Château Quinault L'Enclos Château Rabaud Promis Château Rahoul Château Ramage la Bâtisse Château Rauzan Gassies Château Rauzan Ségla (Rausan Ségla) Château Raymond Lafon Château de Rayne Vigneau Château Recougne Château de Reignac Château la Renaissance Château Respide Médeville Château Reysson Château Rieussec Château Ripeau Roc de Cambes Château de Rochemorin Château Rocher Bellevue Château Rocher Figeac Château Rol Valentin Château Rollan de By Château de Rolland Château Romer du Hayot Château les Roques Château la Rose Figeac Château la Rose Pourret Château Rouget Château Roûmieu-Lacoste Château Roylland Château Saint-Bonnet Château Saint-Christoly Château Sainte Marie Château de Sainte-Gemme Château Saint-Estèphe Château Saint-Georges Château Saint-Georges Côte Pavie Château Saint-Marc Château Saint-Paul Saint-Paul de Dominique Château Saint-Pierre (Pomerol) Château Saint-Pierre (Saint-Julien) Château Saint-Robert Château de Sales Château Sanctus Château Sansonnet Château Saransot Dupré Château le Sartre Château Segonnes Château Ségur Château Ségur de Cabanac Château Sénéjac Château Sérilhan Château La Serre Château Sigalas Rabaud Château Sigognac Château Simon Château Siran Château Smith Haut Lafitte Château Sociando-Mallet Château Soudars Château Soutard Château Suau Château Suduiraut Château du Tailhas Château du Taillan Château Taillefer Château Tayac Château Terrey Gros Cailloux Château du Tertre Château Tertre Daugay Château Tertre Roteboeuf Château le Thil Comte Clary Château Tour Blanche (Médoc) Château la Tour Blanche (Sauternes) Château La Tour Carnet Château la Tour de Boyrein Château la Tour de Mons Château Tour de Pez Château Tour des Termes Château Tour du Haut Moulin Château Tour du Mirail Château la Tour du Pin Figeac Château la Tour Figeac Château La Tour Haut-Brion Château Tour Haut-Caussan Château Tour Maillet Château Tour Prignac Château la Tour Saint-Bonnet Château Tour Saint-Joseph Château des Tourelles Château Tournefeuille Château Tour-Séran Château Tourteran Château Trimoulet Château Tronquoy Lalande Château Troplong Mondot Château Trotanoy Château Trotte Vieille Château les Tuileries Château le Tuquet Château de Valandraud Château la Valière Château de Valois Château Valrose Château Verdignan Château Vernous Château Victoria Vieux Château Certan Vieux Château Chauvin Vieux Château Ferron Vieux Château Landon Château Vieux Guinot Château Vieux Maillet Château Vieux Robin Château Villegeorge Château Villemaurine Château la Violette Château Vray Croix de Gay Château Yon Figeac Château d'Yquem Valette Château Bolaire Château Bel-Air (Saint-Estèphe) Château Bel Air (Haut-Médoc) Château Bellegrave (Pomerol) Château Bellevue (Saint-Émilion Gran... Château Canon Pécresse Château Reynon Château Maison Blanche Château Mauvesin Barton Château Peyrat-Fourthon Château Parenchère Aurage Balestard Bellefont-Belcier Bellevue de Tayac Brisson Brulesecailles Caillou - Crème de Tête Canuet Château de Rol Château Louis Château Morin Château Poumey Château Tauzinat-l'Hermitage Clos Lunelles Confidences de Prieuré Lichine Cormeil Figeac Château Dalem de Brisson Domeyne Gracia Haut Bellevue Haut Gros Caillou Haut-Simard Haut-Tayac Hostens Picant Hostens-Picant La Bessane La Chartreuse de Coutet La Mauriane Lafleur du Roy Lamartre Les Demoiselles de Falfas Les Pélerins de Lafon-Rochet Les Plantiers du Haut-Brion L'Espérance de Trotanoy L'Etoile de Bergey Marjosse Marquis de Mons Milens Mille Roses Moulinet Lasserre Moulis Noaillac Oratoire de Chasse Spleen Paloumey Pierhem Prélude à Grand Puy Ducasse Quintus Rivière Lacoste Roc - Cuvée Amphora Rochebelle Rocher Bonregard Sainte Colombes Sénailhac Simard Tour Léognan Trébiac Trianon Tronquoy de Sainte-Anne Vieux Château Bourgneuf Vieux Château Saint-André Belair-Coubet Bellegrave-Jaumard Biac Budos Cap d'Or Chanteloiseau Château d'Argan Château des Laurets Château du Branda Château Côte de Baleau Courrèges Curé Bourse Fernon Feytit Lagrave Grands Sillons Haut Cadet Haut Maco La Chenade La Croix Saint André Lafleur Saint Jean Le Chemin Domaine du Jaugaret La Berlande Pierre 1er Château Monlot Château de Rouillac Château Branon Château Leroy-Beauval Closerie Saint Roc Château Croix Mouton Château Les Grands Chênes Osamu Uchida Château les Charmes-Godard Château Fayat Château Lalaudey & Pomeys Thienpont Château Edmus Château Grand Village Château Les Charmes Godard Lavergne Dulong Château Tristan Château Vieux Fortin Château Chérubin Château Teyssier Château Pajot Vieux Château Mazerat Château Haut Beychevelle Gloria Clos des Litanies Château Samion Château Closiot Château Réaut Guinaudeau

Wines of Médoc

Located in the north of the département, on a thin strip of land which extends along the right bank of the River Garonne, Médoc only produces red wine. Its clay, silt and hard limestone subsoil covered with pebbles produces sappy, expressive wines with a fine bouquet. The properties are characterised by their large scale, in contrast to the Libournais. The Médoc comprises 60 grands crus classés and 236 crus bourgeois. The vineyard is shared between A.O.C Médoc (whereas one part carries the Haut-Médoc appellation) and the very prestigious appellations of the municipalities of Margaux, Saint-Estèphe, Pauillac and Saint Julien as well as those of the less well-known Moulis and Listrac, which are currently experiencing interesting developments.

Haut médoc

Full-bodied and generous, fine and supple red wines are produced south of this region and these improve with age.


Between Saint-Julien and Margaux, this appellation includes wines which are increasingly vinified by good wine growers. These wines are vigorous and structured and have a pleasant bouquet. The climate is harsher than elsewhere and the soils are formed of clay-limestone and gravelly soil.


On deep, gravelly soils, the wines produced are elegant, bold and flavoursome without being too full-bodied. Their soft and delicate bouquet gives Margaux a feminine charm. Ten to fifteen years aging is often necessary before drinking.


The smallest appellation of the Médoc, located on gravelly slopes, is vulnerable to frost. Moulis’ fame quickly grew thanks to the production of its sweet and full-bodied wines, with a refined and charming bouquet.


Between Saint-Estèphe and Saint-Julien, the wines produced in the Pauillac appellation are marked by Cabernet Sauvignon. Therefore, the wines are virile, classy, sweet and sappy. They develop aromas of blackcurrant, cedar and spices. They only blossom after they have been laid down for a certain time.


The most northern of the appellations of the Médoc is located on gravelly soil which is slightly more clayey than elsewhere. Often closed when young, these wines improve with age, becoming full of charm, powerful, full-bodied, fruity and rather tannic. They are suitable after aging for a long time.


Growing on plateau of pebbly and gravely soil, the vines here produce a dense, fine, fragrant and full-bodied wine.

Wines from Côtes de Blaye and premières Côtes de Blaye, and Côtes de Bourg

Côtes de Blaye and Premières Côtes de Blaye

A small area located in the Charente borders of the Gironde, the vineyard of the Côtes de Blaye produces both red and white wines. The red wines are robust, suitable for keeping long-term, becoming colourful, powerful and fruity. The aromatic whites, dry and light in colour are particularly successful.

Côtes de Bourg

The common vineyard of the Côtes de Blayes, located in the Charente borders of the Gironde, the Côtes de Bourg produce red and white wines which deserve to age for between three to five years. The red wines in particular have good economic prosperity. The dominant grape variety of the Côtes de Bourg is Merlot. The rather tannic wines have a fine colour and aromas which are typical of red fruit. These wines unite power, charm and longevity. The less numerous whites are dry with a typical bouquet.

wines from the Libournais

Located on the right bank of the Dordogne, this vineyard includes several appellations, some of which are amongst the most prestigious of Bordeaux wines: Canon Fronsac, Côtes de Castillon, Fronsac, Lalande de Pomerol, Lussac Saint-Emilion, Pomerol, Puisseguin Saint-Emilion, Saint-Emilion and finally Saint-Georges Saint-Emilion. This region, which borders on the Dordogne, is known for dividing its vineyard into a multitude of small properties. Amongst the grape varieties used, the dominant Merlot gives the wines their fruitiness and finesse. It is generally blended with Cabernet Franc.

Canon Fronsac and Fronsac

An old vineyard bordered by the Dordogne, it has a hilly area. On clay-limestone soil, wines of a fine dark colour are typical, full-bodied, warm and spicy. Rustic and taking a long time to evolve, they remind us of Bourgogne and Pomerol.

Côtes de Castillon

On the right bank of the Dordogne, the wines produced present numerous similarities with those of Saint-Emilion. They age very well and are supple, fruity and often fine. Rich in colour, they are generous and full-bodied.

Lalande de Pomerol

The vineyard was created by the Hospitaliers of Saint-Jean on the gravel and sandy-gravel land. These wines, whose quality has improved over the last few years, are generous, vigorous and velvety. The best ones rival those of Pomerol and Saint-Emilion.

Lussac Saint-Emilion

Located to the northwest of Saint-Emilion, the vineyard rebuilt in the 13th century by Benedictine monks is found on well exposed hillsides. The wines are colourful and full-bodied, with a deep colour and a subtle bouquet.

Montagne Saint-Emilion

A vineyard located in the continuation from Pomerol and Saint-Emilion. Merlot is dominant there. It produces wines of a quality equal to that of the grands crus of Saint-Emilion, developing a good aging potential as well as great finesse. The tannins are supple and full-bodied.


The silt-gravelly, clay-limestone or sandy soils produce a red wine introduced in the 12th century by a commandery of the Hospitaliers of St-Jean. These very renowned wines have a superb, ruby red hue. They are full-bodied, velvety and warm. Notes of truffles and spices as well as ripe red fruit emanate from these wines, typified by the Merlot and suitable for long keeping.

Puisseguin Saint-Emilion

These wines with a lingering colour, great tannic suppleness and fine aromas possess a long finish. The best ones have great finesse.


This famous wine-growing region, whose main grape variety is Merlot, enjoys a wide variety of different soils. This hilly landscape, located around Saint-Emilion, a city packed with history, produces a wine which Louis XIV called ''Nectar des Dieux'', the Nectar of the Gods. A fine, dark, dusky red characterises this warm and full-bodied wine which often reveals a fine fragrance of truffles.

Saint-Georges Saint-Emilion

Harder than those of Saint-Emilion, the wines of this terroir have a fine purple colour, and are full-bodied and powerful. The longevity is like that of their famous neighbour.
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Entre deux mers

Located between the Garonne and the Dordogne (the region takes its name from the fact that the tide rises about 150 km in both rivers), Entre-Deux-Mers is the largest wine-producing region of Bordeaux. It comprises above all the A.O.C. Entre-Deux-Mers, Sainte-Foy Bordeaux, Premières Côtes de Bordeaux, Loupiac, Cadillac and Sainte-Croix du Monts.

Entre deux mers

This appellation produces dry, fresh and aromatic white wine from the Sauvignon, Sémillon and Muscadelle grape varieties, sometimes blended with white Merlot.

Premières Côtes de Bordeaux

The appellation, which extends along the right bank of the Garonne, produces the best red wines of this region. This A.O.C. also includes the sweet white wines, for which it is subdivided into three appellations: Sainte-Croix du Monts, Loupiac and Cadillac.


On the right bank of the Garonne, Loupiac’s clay and gravelly slopes are planted with Sémillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle. Made with the same method as Sauternes wine, Loupiac are sweet wines whose complexity depends on the proportion of grapes touched by Botrytis cinirea (or noble rot). In the near of Ste-Croix du Mont, the wines are fruity, quite lively, with candied fruit and honey aromas.

Sainte-Croix du Mont

Located on the plateau and hillsides opposite Sauternes on the right bank of the Garonne, the vineyard is planted with Sémillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle grapes. The Garonne’s proximity favours the development of the Botrytis, which produces the sweet wines although these are lighter than the Loupiac. These wines are characterised by a wonderful finesse and aromas of sappy and candied citrus fruit.


Less well-known than the two previous appellations, Cadillac also produces sweet white wines from the Sémillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle grape varieties, achieved through noble rot.

Sainte Foy-Bordeaux

Located to the east of the département of the Gironde, the appellation produces both red and white wines. The red wines, from the Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Malbec grape varieties are supple and fairly robust. From the Sauvignon, Muscadelle and Sémillon grape varieties, to which white Merlot blanc and white Ugni can be added, the region produces very aromatic dry wines as well as sweet wines in a lesser quantity.


To the south of Graves, this region comprises the wines produced in five municipalities (Barsac, Bommes, Fargues, Preignac and Sauternes). It includes the Sauternes and Barsac appellations. Like for the white Graves, the grape varieties used are Sémillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle. In the Sauternes region, the soil is gravelly whereas it is clayey-limestone in Barsac. The Ciron, a cold river which crosses the region, plays a significant role due to the fog it creates. This favours the development of the famous Botrytis cinirea, or "noble rot", the origin of a complex chemical phenomena which increases the content of grape sugars and gives the wine its unique flavour. The harvest, done grain by grain, with successive sorting, produces a deliberately limited yield. The wines produced have a magnificent golden hue. Sauternes are smooth, unctuous, powerful and very perfumed. They generally develop aromas of honey, acacia and lime. The less concentrated and very delicate Barsac have a lighter hue.

Château d'Yquem

Renowned worldwide, Yquem produces a Sauternes which is made with artisan techniques. Harvesting spread sometimes over several months to optimise the formation of Botrytis cinirea and aging in new oak barrels for three years give this wine a character and complexity which is quite simply exceptional.


The region of Graves is, in Bordeaux, the only one which has the same name as the soil which characterises it: well drained pebbles. This vast area, with an even older wine-growing tradition than that of Médoc, extends over the left bank of the Garonne, and enjoys a favourable climate. It produces red wines, from the Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot grape varieties, and white wines from the Sauvignon, Sémillon and Muscadelle grape varieties. The best wines of the Graves region come from the Pessac-Léognan appellation, located in the north. It is from this appellation, which is recent as it appeared with its 1986 vintage, that the famous châteaux Haut-Brion, Pape Clément, Mission-Haut-Brion emerged...