Château Gruaud Larose prices

The Gruaud-Larose wines combine finesse and balance, and are less tannic than they were in the past. Made to be aged for several years, and a many years in the best vintages, they need at least ten years to soften before drinking. Their colour is almost black, and the bouquet presents powerful aromas of red fruit. On the palate, they reveal themselves to be creamy, full-bodied and rich.

Château Gruaud Larose price by vintage
The iDealwine® Auction Price
Wine name Vintage Price
Château Gruaud Larose2015 60€16Details
Château Gruaud Larose2014 45€03Details
Château Gruaud Larose2013 43€29Details
Château Gruaud Larose2012 45€78Details
Château Gruaud Larose2011 46€95Details
Château Gruaud Larose2010 70Details
Château Gruaud Larose2009 92€10Details
Château Gruaud Larose2008 53€48Details
Château Gruaud Larose2007 41€58Details
Château Gruaud Larose2006 44€84Details
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