Prieur de Meyney prices

Château Mayney's second wine is made mainly from younger vines. Vinified and matured in the same way as its big brother, it retains much of the same authenticity and personality, but has a shorter maturing period. As a result, it can be enjoyed while still young. This wine is distinguished by its intense nose and its structure on the palate

Prieur de Meyney price by vintage
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Wine name Vintage Price
Prieur de Meyney2012 12Details
Prieur de Meyney2010 11€26Details
Prieur de Meyney2009 18€24Details
Prieur de Meyney2008 15€57Details
Prieur de Meyney2007 8€46Details
Prieur de Meyney2006 13€27Details
Prieur de Meyney2005 15€91Details
Prieur de Meyney2000 21€89Details
Prieur de Meyney1995 12€03Details
Prieur de Meyney1986 25€53Details
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