Comte Abbatucci

Domain: Comte Abbatucci

One of the finest names from Corsica, Comte Abbatucci has left an indelible mark on this island's fascinating winemaking tradition. Jean-Charles Abbatucci's vineyards are home to a myriad of native grape varieties, all cultivated biodynamically. Vinification is a simple affair that produces aromatic, fresh and elegant wines.

Perched 100m high in the Taravo Valley in southern Corsica lies Jean-Charles Abbatucci’s 20 hectares of vines. Founded in the 1920s by Jacques Abbatucci, this is one of the oldest domains on the island. An incredible 18 different native grape varieties are cultivated: besides the famous Vermentino, Sciacarello and Nielluccio, Jean-Charles has a mosaic of endemic varieties planted in his vineyards that few others can lay claim to (Aleatico, Carcajolo Nera, Minustello, Morescola, Morescono, Montanaccia…). The domain has a biodynamic approach and the vineyards are laid to grass. A flock of sheep graze amongst the vines during winter and harvests are always carried out by hand. In the chai, vinification is a “hands off’ affair and the resulting wines are prized for their finesse, elegance and freshness. A true touchstone of wines from this fascinating region.


Comte Abbatucci: All wines from this producer

Comte Abbatucci: All wines from this producer

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Vin de France  Faustine
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