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Domain: Vignoble du Rêveur

Family talent, youthful sprit, and a dream project: the basis for Mathieu Deiss’ renovation of Domaine du Rêveur in 2013.

‘Putting dreams at the centre of all we do, the dreams of our subconscious self that open up horizons.' This has been the main idea behind the running of Domaine Mischler (Bennwihr) since its renovation in 2013. It previously belonged to Mathieu Deiss' family. His grandfather had an unquenchable thirst for freedom, so Mathieu saw fit to pay homage to him by building this domain on an ideal of independence and innovation. None of the grapes are bought from elsewhere; everything that is vinified and matured here is grown on the domain's parcels. It could be said that the family dream has come true! The 7 hectares of land are cultivated organically and biodynamically. Marcel Deiss' son has decidedly inherited the family talent, and he makes wonderful use of it, adding in the dynamism that comes with his youth. One of Alsace's rising stars, notably reputed for his high-quality orange wines.

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Vignoble du Rêveur

Vignoble du Rêveur
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Alsace Un Instant sur Mars - Alsace (Orange)

Gewuerztraminer 70% - Riesling 30%

Assemblage de gewurztraminer et de riesling, cette cuvée étonnante est le fruit d'une macération de neuf mois, en amphores.

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Alsace Un instant sur terre - Alsace (Orange)

Pinot gris, Gewurztraminer, Riesling

A gem that is much too rare !

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Alsace Artisan - Alsace (Orange)

Pinot gris, gewurztraminer

Atisanal, this organe wine has a very particular aroma!

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Alsace Imagine - Alsace (Demi Sec)

Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Muscat, Pinot Gris

Une cuvée éphémère issue de quatre cépages alsaciens emblématiques. La signature d'un domaine mené par Mathieu Deiss, le fils de Jean-Michel Deiss (domaine Marcel Deiss).

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Alsace Singulier - Alsace (Orange)

Riesling, pinot gris

This is a unique wine made from a maceration of Riesling and several Pinot varieties.

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Alsace Vibrations - Alsace (White)

100% Riesling

This wine will wake your palate right up!

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Alsace Rien Ne Bouge - Alsace (Red)

Pinot gris, Pinot blanc, Pinot noir

Un assemblage atypique des trois pinots, blanc, gris et noir qui séduira par ses notes de cerises et d’épices. Une réussite signée par le fils de Jean-Michel Deiss (domaine Marcel Deiss) !

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Alsace La Vigne en Rose Demi-Sec - Alsace (Demi Sec)

60% gewurztraminer, 40% riesling

This is a blend that might surprise you!

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Alsace Pierres Sauvages - Alsace (White)

Pinot blanc, pinot gris, pinot noir

A generous blend of three Pinots.

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