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Olivier Horiot has been a revelation in the Champagne region in recent years. His family has lived in Riceys in the heart of the Côte des Bar for a long time. This village is the only one in Champagne to boast three appellations. One of these is Champagne, of course, but there are also two still wine appellations: Coteaux Champenois (red and white) and Rosé des Riceys. The latter is an astonishing and aromatic rosé, its appeal may be narrow but it is absolutely superb when Olivier Horiot is involved.  Horiot cultivates 8.5 hectares in the commune. The majority is planted with Pinot Noir, as usual in the Aube, but he also grows Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Meunier and Arbane, an old, traditional variety that is increasingly popular with "specialised" winegrowers. The domain is in the midst of development. Olivier Horiot has taken over new vineyard parcels (through acquisition or family donations) and since 2013, the vineyard has had official organic and biodynamic accreditation (Biodyvin). Olivier Horiot has also built and fitted out a brand-new cellar, providing the best possible conditions for wine production where the grapes can express themselves fully. Possibly inspired by nearby Burgundy, the domain is increasingly separating out its different terroirs into distinct cuvées. The result is superb champagnes with a strong personality that stand out from the often more anonymous blended champagnes.


Olivier Horiot: All wines from this producer

Olivier Horiot: All wines from this producer

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Olivier Horiot Blanc de Noirs Sève Brut Nature
Olivier Horiot En Valingrain
Olivier Horiot Rosé de Saignée Sève en Barmont
Olivier Horiot En Barmont
Olivier Horiot Métisse Extra Brut
Olivier Horiot Riceys Rouge

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