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Discretely, since the early 2000s, Gérard Boulay has joined the elite winemakers of Sancerre, among Cotat, Vatan and Vacheron. His pure whites, crystalline and apt for ageing, strongly and elegantly express the identity of the terroir. For this, Boulay goes to great lengths, leading rigorous work in the vines and supervising meticulous vinification. The result speaks for itself. And it’s striking.

The Boulay family has been cultivating vines in Chavignol since 1310. This village lies deep in the appellation of Sancerre and its steep hillsides are home to the vineyards of Les Monts Damnés, les Culs de Beaujeu and La Grande Côte. If you have already tried a François Cotat wine these names will most definitely mean something to you. Gérard Boulay manages a domain with 11.5 hectares of vines, half owned and half rented. Two hectares are planted for red and rosé wines and the rest is dedicated to white wine. He is one of the rare winemakers in Sancerre to till the soil, using a tracked vehicle to plough the steepest slopes - 1.5 hectares in Culs de Beaujeu, 1.8 hectares in Monts Damnés and 45 ares in Grande Côte. To protect against erosion, grass cover is used as a matter of course on the hillsides. In the "cru" vineyards, grapes are harvested by hand whereas in the other terroirs a good proportion are machine harvested. The vines are treated as little as possible and there are no pesticides, fungicides or chemical fertilisers. The domain uses some organic compost but not with the goal of increasing yields. The same philosophy is applied to winemaking. Yeasts are, of course, indigenous and the wine is decanted at the end of the fermentation stage and left over fine lees. An absolute minimum of sulphur is used and the wine rests in 300 litre barrels or enamel or stainless steel vats. This domain is one of the finest names in the appellation and is especially known for pure wines that express the diversity of Chavignol terroirs to perfection.

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Gérard Boulay

Gérard Boulay
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Sancerre Clos de Beaujeu Gérard Boulay (Domaine)

Sancerre Clos de Beaujeu Gérard Boulay (Domaine) - Sancerre (White)

100% sauvignon

This wine is produced in one of the finest terroirs in Sancerre. It is extremely pure with a very pleasant texture and a fresh, mineral finish.

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Sancerre - Sancerre (White)

100% Sauvignon Blanc

A wonderful, intensely aromatic Sancerre with notes of candied lemon and spices. The perfect introduction to the savoury style of Gérard Boulay’s wines.

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Sancerre  Comtesse

Sancerre Comtesse - Sancerre (White)

100% sauvignon

A single parcel cuvée from old vines grown on the Monts Damnés terroir. Herbaceous and floral, it will express its full potential after five years.

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Sancerre  Monts Damnés

Sancerre Monts Damnés - Sancerre (White)

100% sauvignon

This clean, perfectly polished and saline wine is produced on one of the top terroirs in Sancerre. Pair with seafood, delicate fish or even carpaccio.

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Sancerre La Côte - Sancerre (White)

100% Sauvignon Blanc

This Sancerre, produced from the magnificent terroir of La Grande Côte, is incredibly pure. A great Loire white.

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Sancerre  Oriane

Sancerre Oriane - Sancerre (Red)

Pinot noir

A cuvée produced from two of Chavignol’s exceptional terroirs. Fruity and extremely pure.

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Sancerre Gérard Boulay (Domaine)

Sancerre Gérard Boulay (Domaine) - Sancerre (Red)

100% Pinot noir

Follement gourmand, ce rouge se révèle d'une grande précision avec une race… vraiment bourguignonne. Un superbe rapport qualité/prix.

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Sancerre - Sancerre (Rosé)

100%Pinot noir

This emblematic Sancerre domain crafts a rosé from Pinot Noir, ideal with summer dishes.

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What the guides say...

  • La Revue du vin de France
“The wines are full, generous, and have exemplary concentration for ageing, particularly the pure Comtesse and the admirable red Oriane, which will be a showstopper after 20 years in the cellar.”
  • Bettane & Desseauve
“The 12 hectares of vineyard kept reflect the rigour of Gérard Boulay, a seasoned Sancerre wine maker who shines the light of this appellation across the world.”

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