Domain: Cauhapé

The Domaine Cauhapé, one of the most well-known domaines in Jurançon, is run by Henri Ramonteu, passionate grape-grower and one of the region’s flagship producers. Every year, his 43 hectares of vines produce 250 000 bottles of this golden wine, made using two grape varieties: Petit Manseng (for sweet wines) and Gros Manseng (for dry wines and the first sweet wines). The vines are situated at 500m above sea level, between the Pyrenees and the Atlantic ocean, therefore benefitting from a climate which combines harsh mountainous conditions with the gentleness of the sea. The soil, a rich mix of clay, pebbles and quartz, allows the grapes to elegantly express their full potential.

Cauhapé: All wines from this producer

Cauhapé: All wines from this producer

Jurançon Quintessence du Petit Manseng Cauhapé
Jurançon  Folie de janvier
Jurançon Noblesse du temps Cauhapé
Jurançon Symphonie de novembre Cauhapé
Jurançon Quatuor Cauhapé (Domaine)
Jurançon La Canopée Cauhapé (Domaine)
Jurançon Geyser Cauhapé (Domaine)
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