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Jean-Luc Colombo is a man of passions. At a very young age he inherited a taste for culinary pleasures from his mother, who was a chef in Marseille. His passion for food and a desire to discover the magic of food and wine pairings inspired him to study oenology. In 1984, he set up the "Centre Oenologique des Côtes du Rhône" in Cornas with his wife Anne and offers a technical consultancy service to wine growers in the Rhône Valley and Provence. At their own vineyard, Jean-Luc and Anne are passionate about respecting the environment and the authenticity of the terroir they cultivate. They refuse to use pesticides and herbicides on the vines, they have a horse to plough the soil, and have planted indigenous plant species around their plots to encourage biodiversity and act as a windbreak. They do not irrigate their land, forcing the vines to root deeply and to “suffer” to draw the best from the soil. In 2012 they applied for organic certification.


Jean-Luc Colombo: All wines from this producer

Jean-Luc Colombo: All wines from this producer

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Côte-Rôtie  La Divine
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