Mas de Libian

Mas de Libian

Domain: Mas de Libian

Since 1670, Mas de Libian has belonged to the Thibon family. Located on the right bank of the Rhône, at the foot of the Ardèche gorges, this domaine spans 25 ha and has been organic since its creation. Today, the domaine hold biodynamic certification and the soil is worked by horse and plough. The vines receive plenty of sunlight ,necessary for the production of the native varieties (Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah, Cournoise, Vaccarèse), and also has the famous “galets roulés”, or pudding stones and red clay soil; Since 2006, Catherine has been gradually expanding the domaine, acquiring new parcels but also giving much of the land over to polyculture (olive trees, beekeeping etc).

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Price List Mas de Libian

Wine name Vintage Price

Côtes du Rhône Mas de Libian La Calade


25 Price estimate statistics 2019

Côtes du Rhône Mas de Libian Khayyam


15 Price estimate statistics 2018

Côtes du Rhône Mas de Libian Khayyam


17 Price estimate statistics 2016

IGP Ardèche Mas de Libian Cave Vinum


12 Price estimate statistics 2015

IGP Ardèche Mas de Libian Vin de Pétanque


8 Price estimate statistics 2015

Côtes du Rhône Mas de Libian Khayyam


14 Price estimate statistics 2014
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