Château Maison Blanche

Domain: Château Maison Blanche

Located in the Montagne-Saint-Émilion appellation, the Château Maison Blanche was founded by Marie Constant and her husband Octave Pineau (sub-prefect of Vienne) at the end of the 19th century. It was they who had the beautiful house built with white stones from Vienne (which therefore differed from the yellow stone of Saint-Emilion), which gave the domain its current name: the Métairie du Château Petit Corbin thus became Château de La Maison Blanche. In 1938, the domain was bought by Louis Rapin, who extended, restructured and renovated it. Louis Rapin’s daughter, Françoise Rapin, succeeded him in 1972 and handed over the running of the domain to her husband Gérard Despagne (vineyard owner in Saint-Emilion, from a family of winemakers who settled in the region over 500 years ago). He had an underground winery built, along with a large archive and an enormous barrel cellar. From the end of the 1990s, Nicolas Despagne (the current owner) joined his father and began working in the cellar, then later in the vines. He was behind the domain’s decision to convert to organic, and then biodynamic agriculture, the ‘natural’ style of winemaking (no inputs, very little or no sulphites added), as well as the refusal of all technology in the winery. We highly recommend this domain’s wines, which are at once powerful and elegant, with wonderful freshness and great aging potential. A Bordelais gem, just the way we like them!


Château Maison Blanche: All wines from this producer

Château Maison Blanche: All wines from this producer

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