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Rivesaltes is a vin doux naturel (VDN) which has enjoyed appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOP) status since 1936, and is produced near the commune of the same name (Pyrénées Orientales). This production area covers just over 3,505 hectares, covering 86 communes in the Pyrénées-Orientales and 9 communes in Aude adjoining the P.O.; it produces around 90,000 hectolitres per year. The Rivesaltes terroir is sited on a vast pebbly plain of alluvial origin; the thick soil is characterised by red clay mixed with round pebbles. Rivesaltes wines are produced mainly from five varieties: Grenache Blanc, Gris and Noir, Maccabeu and Malvoisie, along with two additional varieties (which must not exceed 20% of the blend), Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains and Muscat d'Alexandrie. Yields are limited to 30 hectolitres per hectare. There are different AOPs for Rivesaltes: Ambré, Grenat, Tuilé and Rosé – and for Ambré and Tuilé wines, the descriptions Hors d'Age and Rancio.

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Rivesaltes - Rivesaltes (Brown)

100% Grenache

To appreciate the richness and complexity of the characteristic rancio aromas in a top Rivesaltes vin doux naturel, drink this wine on its own, at the end of a meal, or with a chocolate dessert.

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Maury - Maury (Red)

100% Grenache

A number of decades have made for an exquisite vin doux naturel. The magical pairing would be with dark chocolate…

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