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Domain: Les Vignes Oubliées

Located on the Terrasses du Larzac, the wines are the beautiful bounty of old abandoned vines, now know for their incredible freshness. A vineyard brought back to life!

Located in the Saint Privat municipality, at the southern edge of the Larzac plateau, this domain was bought by Olivier Jullien and Jean-Baptiste Granier in 2008 and converted to organic agriculture. The reason they chose this name for their domain was that these vines were almost left to disappear because they didn't correspond to the agriculture desired by the cooperative cellars who bought the grapes. For the winemaker, Les vignes oubliées is a generous, balanced wine made for sharing. “This is the most important thing, because wine is made for drinking and drinking again…”

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Les Vignes Oubliées

Les Vignes Oubliées
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Terrasses du Larzac Les Vignes Oubliées

Terrasses du Larzac Les Vignes Oubliées - Terrasses du Larzac (Red)

Grenache, Syrah, carignan

Produced by two of the most well-known winemakers in the region, this fresh cuvée, with its pleasantly spicy aromas, is a classic Terrasses du Larzac wine.

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Languedoc Les Vignes Oubliées Autour du Cinsault

Languedoc Les Vignes Oubliées Autour du Cinsault - Languedoc (Red)

Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah

This delicate, fruity cuvée is an ode to Cinsault. Taste with delicately-flavoured meat such as rabbit.

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Languedoc Les Vignes Oubliées - Languedoc (White)

Clairette, Roussanne, grenache blanc

Un languedoc blanc résolument fruité ; ue jolie signature du tandem Olivier Jullien et Jean-Baptiste Garnier qui travaillent en bio.

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Languedoc Les Vignes oubliées - Languedoc (Red)

Syrah, carignan

A Languedoc wine honouring the Cinsault grape.

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