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Pioneer in Auvergne’s wine resurgence and a domain with the wind in its sails of late, Patrick Bouju and his La Bohème are undeniably two of the region’s most renowned names. Impeccable vine growing and natural vinification mean that these wines are not only fruity and flavourful, but also deep and complex in character.

We find Domaine Patrick Bouju in Auvergne, near the Puy de Dôme. Here are cultivated mature vines across the communes of Corent, Lempdes, le Puy d’Anzelles, Billom, and Egliseneuve-près-Billom, with the oldest plants dating back almost 120 years. The vintner who gave his name to the domain boasts of quite a variety of grapes, including various kinds of Gamay, including Bouze and Fréau, as well as Limberger and Mirefleurien. Bouju sees this as a richness that counteracts a certain homogeneity in the world of wine. Grass is allowed to grow in the vineyards, natural treatments are used (copper, fermented plant extracts, tisane), and the work is carried out entirely by hand. In the cellar, the same philosophy is applied. Grapes are vinified parcel by parcel using only native yeasts; this helps to preserve the identity of the original terroir. This hands-off approach leads to the creation of natural and flavourful cuvées.

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Patrick Bouju La Bohème

Patrick Bouju La Bohème
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Vin de France Le Litre de la Jungle - Vin de France (Red)

100% Pinot noir

A natural Pinot noir from Auvergne which simultaneously indulges in density, depth and elegance.

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Vin de France La Bohème - Vin de France (Red)

Pinot noir, Gamay

Un vin nature issu de très vieilles parcelles plantées en 1893. Le fruit d'un domaine auvergnat montant.

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Vin de France Cailloux - Vin de France (Red)

Gamay, Pinot noir

Patrick Bouju fait partie de cette poignée de vignerons de talent qui font revivre les belles heures du vignoble auvergnat. Savourez son vin aujourd'hui ou laissez-le gagner en complexité après quelques années de garde.

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Vin de France Ergastoline - Vin de France (White)

100% bergeron

A pure and natural Bergeron produced by the leading figure of the Auvergne vineyard… and a partner of iDealwine!

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Vin de France Lulu - Vin de France (Red)

100% Gamay

A good Vin de France, a lovely terroir wine with fruity, spicy and musky aromas which are a faithful representation of the basalt subsoils and volcanic rocks.

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Vin de France Violette - Vin de France (Red)

100% Gamay

Delicious, fruity and crisp, this Gamay has undergone a semi-carbonic maceration and a very natural vinification. Definitely a great wine to drink with friends.

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Vin de France Sein pour Sein - Vin de France (Red)

Pinot noir

Un superbe pinot noir d'Auvergne originaire du terroir de Saint-Pourçain : un vin naturel et vivant.

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Vin de France Touski - Vin de France (Red)


A Syrah from Auvergne vinified within the rules of the “natural art” by a winemaker who, in only a few years, has established himself as a regional master in the field.

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Vin de France Môl - Vin de France (Red)

100% Gamay

Un vin naturel à l'équilibre redoutable.

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Vin de France A la Natural - Vin de France (Red)


Un vigneron original s’attèle à exprimer le caractère d’un terroir tout aussi étonnant : voilà ce que ce vin fruité hors-normes vous offre.

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Vin de France Super B - Vin de France (Red)

100% Gamay

A lovely crisp, fruity and delicious Gamay produced by a domaine which, in a short time, has established itself as a leader of natural viticulture and vinification in Auvergne.

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