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Recently Domaine de la Pinte has embarked on the path of organic, biodynamic and even natural production. Crafted in the Jura, these wines have very little sulphur added to them – or indeed, none at all! These are immensely tempting cuvées, especially considering their prices…

Founded in 1953 by Roger Martin, Domaine de la Pinte is found in the lieu-dit “La Pinte à la Capitaine” on the blue marl of Lias, at the heart of Arbois. Roger planted 14 hectares of Savagnin upon arrival, making it the largest grower of this varietal at the time. Today it's his son Pierre Martin who keeps the wheels turning. The domain has been extended to cover 34 hectares today (with 17 hectares of Savagnin, 6 of Chardonnay, 7 of Poulsard, 4 of Trousseau and Pinot noir), all planted across Arbois and Pupillin. Since 1999 the domain has been organic, and it took the step to biodynamics in 2009. The soils are ploughed only on the surface to avoid destructuring them; compost and manure are used to create a harmony between different elements of the earth. The harvests are carried out by hand. Once in the winery, the vinification begins with indigenous yeasts and sulphur is used in limited quantities. The wine is matured in casks, demi-muids, and foudre containers for a duration that depends on the varietals used and the cuvée being made. There is no new wood used to avoid marking the wine. This maturation occurs on fine lees with stirring that follows the lunar calendar. The result of all these efforts is certainly a good one, so this is a domain to discover in haste!

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La Pinte

La Pinte
: All wines from this producer

Château-Chalon - Château-Chalon (White)

100% Savagnin

Un superbe vin, élevé 7 ans sous voile. A garder de longues années en cave. Soyez patients !

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Arbois Vin Jaune - Arbois (White)

100% savagnin

The domain's vin jaune, distinguished by its power and freshness.

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Arbois Chardonnay - Arbois (White)

100% Chardonnay

An easy-drinking Chardonnay that serves as an excellent introduction to Jura whites.

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Arbois Trousseau - Arbois (Red)

100% Trousseau

This Trousseau cuvée has powerful tannins alongside its fruity and spicy profile.

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Arbois Pupillin Chardonnay Fonteneille - Arbois (White)

100% Chardonnay

An ample, powerful and fruity Chardonnay from the Jura.

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Arbois Pupillin Sav'Or - Arbois (Orange)

100% Savagnin

Un superbe savagnin de vin orange, provenant d'un terroir de marnes bleues du lias.

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Arbois Ploussard de l'Ami Karl - Arbois (Red)

100% Poulsar

A flavourful and silky Poulsard with aromas of fresh red fruit!

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Arbois Cuvée d'Automne - Arbois (White)

Chardonnay, Savagnin

This blend of Chardonnay and Savagnin is made with a small amount of non-ouillé wine, giving it a unique character.

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Arbois La Capitaine - Arbois (Red)

60% Pinot noir - 40% Poulsard

A Jura blend of Pinot noir and Poulsard, this cuvée offers the finesse and flavour characteristic of its varietals.

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What the guides say...

  • La Revue du vin de France
Production here has been organic since 1999 and biodynamic since 2009. Samuel Berger, the current manager, is committed to refining the maturing process. Several mature vintages are still available for approachable prices.
  • Bettane & Desseauve
Today it is Samuel Berger from the Minervois region who has taken up the torch with the same philosophy and the same ambition, supported by Emmanuelle Goydavin who looks after the vinifications, maturation, and export. With two thirds of their production in white wine, the domain proposes a comprehensive range of Jura wine.

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