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The Enmore sugar plantation was set up in the early 19th century by Edward Henry Porter on the banks of the Demerara River. When the Guyanese government nationalized the production of rum in 1974, it was one of the last distilleries still in operation, alongside Diamond and Uitvlugt. The two wooden Coffey stills built from Chlorocardium Rodiei (Greenheart)—a wood generally used for shipbuilding due to its good water resistance and which offers properties similar to copper for purifying sulphur compounds—date back to the 1880s and are based on the model invented by Aeneas Coffey in 1832. They were transferred to Uitvlugt when the distillery closed in 1994, then to Diamond when Uitvlugt closed in 1999. This was also the case for the Enmore wooden pot still that Enmore had recovered after the distillery of the same name closed in 1978.

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Enmore 32 years 1975 Silver Seal - Enmore (Brown)

A rum from the Enmore distillery produced in 1975 and bottled in 2007 by Italian independent bottler Silver Seal as part of the Wildlife series. Aged for 32 years. Enmore, which closed in 1995, was fa... All prices

Enmore 16 years 1995 Of. Full Proof Barrels ELCR - bottled in 2011 Velier - Enmore (Brown)

A molasses-based rum from the Enmore distillery distilled in 1995 and bottled at cask strength in 2011 after 16 years of maturation in a tropical climate. According to the label, it contains rum from ... All prices

Enmore 1987 Breitenstein Full Proof Special Casks EDG 193-197 - bottled in 2000 Velier - Enmore (Brown)

A Port Mourant molasses-based rum distilled at Enmore in 1987 in the distillery’s wooden Coffey still and bottled in 2000. This bottling contains rum from various casks (#193-197, EDG mark) selected b... All prices

Enmore 21 years 1986 Silver Seal bottled 2007 - Enmore (Brown)

A 21 year old Demerara rum (Guyana) distilled in 1986 and bottled in 2007 by Silver Seal. This rum was produced at the Enmore distillery using the wooden Versailles pot still, which was moved to Enmor... All prices

Enmore And Port Mourant 16 years 1998 Velier Very Rare Barrels EHPM - bottled in 2014 Special Edition - Enmore And Port Mourant (Brown)

A blend of Enmore and Port Mourant molasses-based rums distilled and blended at Uitvlugt in 1998, aged for 16 years in a tropical climate, before being bottled at cask strength in 2014. At the time, t... All prices

Enmore 1994 Hidden Spirits The Wild Parrot Single Cask n°WP94512 - bottled 2020 LMDW Full Proof - Enmore (Brown)

An Enmore rum from Guyana, distilled in 1984 in a Greenheart wooden Coffey still and aged in a bourbon cask (#WP94512) for more than 25 years, before being bottled in 2020 by Italian independent bottl... All prices

Enmore 2002 Rossi & Rossi Cask n°108 - One of 208 - bottled 2016 LMDW 60th Anniversary Rum Nation Rare Rums - Enmore (Brown)

An Enmore distilled in 2002 and bottled at cask strength in 2016 by Italian independent bottler Rossi & Rossi for Rum Nation. The year of distillation means the rum was distilled at Diamond, most like... All prices

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