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Skeldon is a plantation founded by William Ross on the banks of the Demerara River in the early 19th century, whose distillery closed in 1960, just like La Bonne Intention and, a few years later, Blairmont and Albion. Its owner, the Brooker group, decided to focus on the more modern Uitvlugt distillery, which was updated in the same year. Its Coffey still was moved to Uitvlugt, then Diamond, before eventually being dismantled. Other sources claim it never survived Skeldon’‘s closure and that its style was reproduced by Uitvlugt’‘s Savalle still. As Velier’‘s bottlings of Skeldon (1973 and 1978) explicitly mention a Coffey still, we feel the first theory holds more weight. What is definitely true, however, is that it is Uitvlugt’‘s still that produces Skeldon rum at Diamond today, after Uitvlugt closed in 1999.

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