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Château Suduiraut is a Sauternes premier grand cru. Located in Preignac, it covers 92 hectares in close proximity to Château d'Yquem, and produces one of the appellation's best wines. The estate takes its name from Léonard de Suduiraut, who received the château as dowry in 1580 when he married Nicole d'Allard. The château was later pillaged and burnt down during the Fronde civil wars (1648-1653), before being rebuilt. In the late 18th century, the château was acquired by a nephew of the Suduiraut family, Jean Joseph Duroy, Baron of Noaillan. The domaine features magnificent traditional French gardens designed by Le Nôtre. It has been owned by the AXA Millésimes group since 1992. The domaine produces four wines: Château Suduiraut (the grand vin), Castelnau de Suduiraut (the second vin), S de Suduiraut (a dry white wine) and, since 2009, Les Lions de Suduiraut, a modern, drinkable Sauternes. A number of vintages of Crème de Tête were also produced during the 1980s.

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Château Suduiraut

Château Suduiraut
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Suduiraut - Sauternes (Sweet)

90% Sémillon, 10% sauvignon

Located near to Château d'Yquem, this classy, very racy Sauternes is powerful and creamy.

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Suduiraut - Crème de Tête

Suduiraut - Crème de Tête - Sauternes (Sweet)

Ce cru particulier se dévoile racé, moelleux et corsé, d'une longévité remarquable. Il allie avec harmonie, puissance, complexité et finesse.

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S de Suduiraut

S de Suduiraut - Bordeaux (White)

70% sauvignon, 30% Sémillon

Fait singulier à Sauternes, le S de Suduiraut est une cuvée réalisée en sec.

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