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At 12 hectares in one single unit, Château Taillefer is one of the largest properties in the small appellation of Pomerol. The unusual soil surrounding the château is rich in iron oxide which gives the wine its distinctive aromas of truffle and violet - earthy yet floral. The fifth generation of the Moueix family is now at the helm, vigneronne Claire Moueix.

Château Taillefer takes its name from the unique soils that surround the pretty Pomerol property: these are rich in iron oxide or “fer” and so it was said that winegrowers "cut the iron" (taille-fer) when ploughing. It is this unique earthy residue that gives the estate's wine such distinctive aromas of truffle and violet – a source of immense pride for the owners..
Claire Moueix is the 5th generation of winegrowers in the Moueix family at Taillefer, which she inherited from her father Bernard Moueix in 2013. In partnership with her husband Cyril Basteau, and with the help of Eric Boissenot, Moueix makes wines renowned for their velvety and silky character. They are dense, supple, and structured.
The Château is dedicated to sustainability and environmentally friendly winemaking. It is certified ISO 14001. Every gesture in the vineyard and in the cellar is thoroughly researched and calculated, so as to always improve the quality of the product while respecting tradition and heritage. It is a very historic property, evident on old maps of Pierre de Belleyme, King Louis XV's geographer. It is perfect for ageing, according to Moueix, "Deep in the vaults of the Taillefer cellar, we taste and old vintage, listen and see what it has to say to us over these long years".

Château Taillefer

Château Taillefer
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Taillefer - Pomerol (Red)

75% Merlot, 25% Cabernet franc

This emblematic Pomerol cru becomes more refined and elegant each vintage. A great iDealwine favourite!

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