Information & scores : 1993 Burgundy

  • Red 14/20
  • White 14/20

Vintage description 1993 Burgundy

The quality of this vintage was compromised by unstable weather. The date of harvest was the deciding factor in the quality of this vintage, which was mostly good to very good. The wines are a deep purple with small black fruit aromas (blackcurrant and Burlat cherry), beautifully combined with woody notes and roasted coffee or grilled undertones. Ample and long, they have lots of potential. The white wines show signs of a harvest that was slightly lacking in maturity. They are of average to quite good quality, with a few very successful premier and grands crus. They have a very attractive aromatic expression, predominantly floral, often enhanced by fresh notes of lemon and menthol. They have a fairly lively attack on the palate with a reticent mellowness and a somewhat hard finish.