Chianti DOCG Riserva Ruffino Ducale (no reserve) 1964

  • Black fruit
  • Gastronomic wine
  • Color:Red
  • 13% 
  • 0.75L
  • Intensity
  • Full-bodied

Produit en Toscane, ce vin intense doit sa réputation à son équilibre entre tanins savoureux et trame vivace. More info

  • Quantity: 1 Bottle
  • Level: 1 upper-shoulder
  • Label: 1 label covered with film, 1 marked label, 1 faded label
  • Country/Region: Italy, Tuscany
  • Appellation/Wine: Chianti
  • Classification: DOCG
  • More information....

Chianti DOCG Riserva Ruffino Ducale serve at a temperature of 16°C. It will pair perfectly with the following dishes: Lasagnes à la viande, Osso Bucco, Tian provençal.

Peak: To drink

Lot presentation
Chianti DOCG Riserva Ruffino Ducale

Cuvée presentation

Chianti wine is produced in Tuscany in the Chianti region whose territory is strictly demarcated from the provinces of Florence, Sienna, Arezzo, Pistoia, Pisa and Prato. Traditionally, it was easy to recognise due to its bulging bottle surrounded by a wicker basket, known as a fiasco. These exclusively red wines are generally made from Sangiovese but can also be made from Mammolo and Canaiolo. There are two main types of Chianti that correspond to two different types of ageing processes: traditional Chianti, sold in the famous fiasco, to be consumed in the year following the harvest. It is very slightly sparkling due to its manufacturing process known as "il governo", which involves adding the must of dried grapes following fermentation. Chianti Riserva must be left for three years in oak barrels before being bottled, and is packaged in Bordeaux-shaped bottles. Two designations of origin exist: Chianti and Chianti Classico, both of which enjoy the DOCG (Dénomination d'Origine Contrôlée et Garantie, Italy's highest distinction). The name `Chianti' can be followed by the production area: Colli Aretini, Colli Fiorentini, Colli Senesi, Colline Pisane, Montalbano or Rùfina. Ruby red when young, Chianti takes on a deeper garnet hue with age. Extremely intense, its nose often features a delicate violet fragrance. Slightly tannic, it is fresh and pleasant on the palate and is well-suited to ageing, during which its aromas are reinforced.

Detailed characteristics

  • Quantity: 1 Bottle
  • Level: 1 upper-shoulder
  • Label: 1 label covered with film, 1 marked label, 1 faded label
  • Origin: Trade
  • Type of cellar: Space in a wine storage facility
  • Recoverable VAT: Yes
  • Original Wooden Case / Original Case: No
  • French customs seal: no
  • Alcohol percentage: 13 %
  • Country/Region: Italy, Tuscany
  • Appellation/Wine: Chianti
  • Classification: DOCG
  • Vintage: 1964
  • Color: Red
  • Peak: To drink
  • Service temperature: 16°
  • Viticulture: Conventional 
  • Size (in ha): 10500
  • Volume: 550000 hectolitres
  • Intensity: Full-bodied
  • Dominant aroma: Black fruit
  • Tasting occasion: Gastronomic wine
  • Grape variety: Sangiovese (75% minimum), Canaiolo nero fino, Trebbiano Toscano, Malvasia, bacca rossa fin
Chianti DOCG Riserva Ruffino Ducale
Chianti DOCG Riserva Ruffino Ducale

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