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At the head of the Champenoise family home, Jérôme Dehours embodies the 4th generation of a winemaking family located in Cerseuil, a small village on the southern slopes of the Marne Valley. His trademark? Making tasty champagnes from 35-year old, totally divided vines. The 14 hectares (ha) of the domain are spread over 42 different parcels. The exposure, altitude, nature of the soils, the confluence of the Marne and the Flagot valley offer a wide range of soils. Jérôme Dehors grows Pinot Noir (8ha), Chardonnay (4ha) and Pinot Noir (2ha) following sustainable farming methods. This means that he limits mechanical soil work and avoids the use of chemicals. In the cellar, Jérôme Dehours also produces exceptional cuvées in Champagne AOP and Coteaux Champenois, as well as simple champagnes, but these are always succulent. His unique variety of soils means he can vinify each parcel of land separately. His cuvées are mainly undosed or only partly and others are vinified in barriques. Unsurprisingly, his presence in the Marne valley means he can vinify a majority of Pinot Meunier which gives his champagne substance, character, flavour, and fine length on the palate. Jérôme Dehours does not only produce champagnes on his champagne grounds but also wines in AOP Coteaux Champenois. Les Rieux, white wine of the appellation, is made only from Chardonnay grown on the plot of the same name. In the cellars, he ages his wine sur lie for 18 months in 200 and 300 litre barrels.

Dehours & Fils: All wines from this producer

Dehours & Fils: All wines from this producer

Dehours & Fils Brut Trio S
Dehours & Fils Extra Brut Maisoncelle
Dehours & Fils Brut Grand Réserve
Dehours & Fils Les Rieux

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Dehours & Fils Dehours & Fils Les Rieux


29 Price estimate statistics 2011

Dehours & Fils Dehours & Fils Extra Brut Maisoncelle


44 Price estimate statistics 2009

Dehours & Fils Dehours & Fils Brut Trio S


62 Price estimate statistics ----

Dehours & Fils Dehours & Fils Brut Grand Réserve


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