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Franck Pascal is quite a unique Champagne! Before anyone else was even thinking about it, Franck Pascal was wary of the harmful effects of many chemical agricultural products, he has made wines the biodynamic way for twenty years now. His champagne is an homage to mother nature and an ode to terroir. Wine lovers in search of champagne with character will fall in love here.

Franck Pascal's career is unusual: trained as an engineer (in industrial machinery design), he returned in 1994, (at the age of 23) to the family property after his younger brother's accidental death. Very quickly he became aware of the harmful effects of chemicals used in agriculture on the human body. In 1998, he removed insecticides, weed killers, fertilisers and anti-botrytis. One day his father gave him a plot of Pinot Noir, systematically ravaged by mildew. He began to work without pesticides, thinking that if organic farming was successful, it would work everywhere. From the very first year, he was successful. As a result, Franck Pascal did not take long to deploy these organic farming methods throughout the vineyard, moving to a fully biodynamic crop in 2002. The vineyard is dominated by Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, planted on clay soils with flint and millstone rock, at low yield, distributed over five municipalities of the Marne valley. Isabelle and Franck Pascal define themselves as winemakers and "creators of emotions". They have achieved a high standard in this category of champagnes with character.

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Franck Pascal

Franck Pascal
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Franck Pascal Sérénité Brut Nature - Champagne (Sparkling)

Pinot noir; Pinot meunier; Chardonnay

Un champagne biodynamique et nature qui séduit par ses notes d’agrumes et de brioche. A savourer avec des mets fins.

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Franck Pascal Pacifiance - Champagne (Sparkling)

70% pinot meunier, 30% chardonnay

Une cuvée d'une rareté absolue, assemblage de pinot meunier et chardonnay : d'une grande vinosité.

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Franck Pascal Tolérance - Champagne (Sparkling Rosé)

74% Pinot meunier, 16% Pinot noir, 10% Chardonnay

Franck Pascal nous offre ici un champagne rosé fin et délicat issu d’un travail en biodynamie de qualité.

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Franck Pascal Reliance Brut - Champagne (Sparkling)

70% Pinot meunier, 25% Pinot noir, 5% de Chardonnay

This top cuvée from Franck Pascal is for sharing with others who will enjoy it, to build and strengthen friendships.

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Franck Pascal Harmonie Extra Brut

Franck Pascal Harmonie Extra Brut - Champagne (Sparkling)

Pinot noir 50%, Pinot meunier 50%

A Blanc de Noirs that combines equally the density of Pinot Noir with the finesse and elegance of Pinot Meunier. Very low dosage, perfect to pair with meals, it has a good ageing potential.

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Franck Pascal Quinte Essence Extra Brut Blanc de Noirs

Franck Pascal Quinte Essence Extra Brut Blanc de Noirs - Champagne (Sparkling)

65% pinot meunier, 35% chardonnay

Flagship of this beautiful domain, this cuvée stands out for its freshness, minerality and purity. With its fruity aromas, aniseed and brioche notes, it is perfect as an aperitif or with a meal.

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Franck Pascal Sagesse Brut Nature

Franck Pascal Sagesse Brut Nature - Champagne (Sparkling)

Pinot meunier 60%, Pinot noir 25%, Chardonnay 15%

A Champagne that expresses the various terroirs of the domain: very low dosage, lively and mineral, without any aggressiveness. A remarkable introduction to the style of Franck Pascal.

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Franck Pascal Fluence - Champagne (Sparkling)

Pinot meunier, chardonnay, pinot noir

A supple Champagne with lovely tension. A real treat, perfect for an aperitif.

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