Sébastien Brunet

Sébastien Brunet

Domain: Sébastien Brunet

In 2007, Sébastien Brunet took over the 3 hectare family domain in Vouvray and extended it to its current size of 15 hectares spread between Vernou and Chançay. Tending the vines is his top priority and he places great importance on respecting each vineyard parcel’s identity. The property is currently converting to organic viticulture (full certification expected in 2018) and operates without the use of machinery or chemical products. The wines are extremely precise and whether they are dry, sweet, dessert, or sparkling, they express the potential of the Chenin grape to perfection. Even better, their prices have remained very reasonable.

Sébastien Brunet: All wines from this producer

Sébastien Brunet: All wines from this producer

Vouvray  Renaissance

Price List Sébastien Brunet

Wine name Vintage Price

Vouvray Les Pentes de la Folie Sébastien Brunet (Domaine)


30 Price estimate statistics 2014

Vouvray Renaissance


17 Price estimate statistics 2010

Vouvray La Folie Sébastien Brunet (Domaine)


26 Price estimate statistics 2009
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