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Château Belair's vineyard, located on the highest plateau in the area, adjoins the town of Saint Emilion to the north-east and Ausone's vineyard to the south-east. It belonged to the Dubois-Challon family, who were also co-owners of Ausone, until 1997. Purchased in 2008 by the Moueix family, it was renamed Château Belair-Monange after Christian Moueix's grandmother, Anne-Adèle Monange. Ausone and Belair were very close in terms of growing and vinification methods. The improvement in quality since 1976 has enabled this château to regain its position among Bordeaux's elite wines. Note that Château Magdelaine's vineyard has been merged with that of Château Belair-Monange.

Château Belair (Belair-Monange)
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Belair (Belair-Monange)

Belair (Belair-Monange) - Saint-Émilion Grand Cru (Red)

85% Merlot, 25% Cabernet franc

The terroir makes this a fresh, mineral wine with a pleasant intensity and length on the palate. This wine will have to be aged for a few years before it can develop its full aromatic palette

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