Mas Del Périé

Mas Del Périé

Domain: Mas Del Périé

In 2006, Fabien Jouves took over the running of this family vineyard, located on the hillsides of Trespoux, the highest point of the appellation. He is one of Cahors' many newcomers, whose ambition is to exalt the noble variety Malbec with biodynamic practices (Biodyvin/Demeter certified). He follows the Burgundy model, both in terms of the parcel selections, long fermentations on lees, and even the shape of the bottles! Part of a new generation of winemakers in Cahors, Fabien Jouves proudly wear the colours of his appellation, and is constantly innovating his methods. His reds have a great deal of substance and are perfectly balanced, and he also produces many Vin de France cuvées. Chenin-based whites, orange wines, cuvées of pure Tannat, amphora cuvées and much more. A truly accomplished, iconoclastic range.

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Vin de France Mas Del Périé Les Pièces Longues

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Wine name Vintage Price

Cahors Mas Del Périé Autochtone


20 Price estimate statistics 2019

Vin de France Mas Del Périé Haut Berba


18 Price estimate statistics 2018

Cahors Mas Del Périé Les Acacias


24 Price estimate statistics 2015

Cahors Mas Del Périé Les Acacias


25 Price estimate statistics 2014

Vin de France Mas Del Périé Les Pièces Longues


19 Price estimate statistics ----
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