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Domain: Château Doisy Daëne

Under the auspices of the Dubourdieu brothers, this Graves grand cru classé is managed in a modern fashion, all whilst keeping in line with the vision passed down by the renowned Denis Dubourdieu. What we have here is a selection of liquid gold that exudes a rich palette of aromas.

Classified as a second cru in 1855, the Château Doisy-Daëne has been owned by the Dubourdieu family since 1924. The château was long embodied by Denis Dubourdieu, pupil of Emile Peynaud, who modernized all practices of vinification in Bordeaux. It is now his sons who are at the head of the domain. The vineyard is aged over 40 years on average and stretches over 16 hectares, planted on soil on the Barsac plateau. The vines enjoy a fairly unique geological layout, featuring a fine layer of clay sand over calcareous subsoil. This rocky slab prevents the wines from taking root deep in the ground, and in the summer the limestone releases the water retained during the winter. The peculiarity of this soil contributes to the production of wines that feature incredible finesse. In order to harvest grapes affected by noble rot, harvesting is carried out in three separate processes - sometimes up to six. At the end of the vinification process, the wines are aged for 9 months in barrels, followed by an additional 10 months in stainless steel vats prior to being bottled. The château also produces a dry wine, and the great years the Extravagant, an even richer cuvée than the famous German trockenbeerenausleses. The château bought the neighboring property Doisy Dubroca, reforming part of the old large domain of Doisy.

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Château Doisy Daëne

Château Doisy Daëne
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Doisy Daëne

Doisy Daëne - Barsac (Sweet)

80% Sémillon, 20% Sauvignon

Elegance and purity are the terms which describe best this tasty, racy, full-bodied, fruity wine blessed with wonderful vivacity.

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L'Extravagant de Doisy Daëne

L'Extravagant de Doisy Daëne - Sauternes (Sweet)

66 % Sauvignon, 34 % Sémillon

Un sauternes que certains n'hésitent pas à comparer à aux vins produits par le château d'Yquem... Produit uniquement dans les plus grands millésimes, il atteint une richesse et une concentration hors normes

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