Domain: Monteillet

The domaine du Monteillet has belonged to the Villard family for no less than 5 centuries and nine generations! The family’s most well-known member is Louis Hector, duke of Villard and Louis XIV’s Marshall of France (1653-1734). Stéphane Montez has been running the property since 1997, having travelled the world to work in all sorts of different vineyards. His experience in the four corners of the world allowed him to develop new techniques in the family property and to respond to potential climatic difficulties. The vineyard is spread over 14 hectares and three appellations (Côte Rôtie, Saint-Joseph, Condrieu).

Monteillet: All wines from this producer

Monteillet: All wines from this producer

Côte-Rôtie Les Grandes Places Monteillet (Domaine du) - Stéphane Montez
Côte-Rôtie Fortis Monteillet (Domaine du) - Stéphane Montez
Condrieu Domaine du Monteillet Les Grandes Chaillées
Saint-Joseph Monteillet (Domaine du) - Stéphane Montez
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