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Casenobe is one of Rivesaltes' reliable classics. Produced mainly from Grenache Noir, Rivesaltes wine is referred to as a muté (fortified) wine, in which alcoholic fermentation is "stunned" by the addition of grape spirit. The result is that a portion of the sugar contained in the grape must is not converted to alcohol, giving the wine its deliciously sweet taste. Rivesaltes wines are unlike any other: truly contemplative wines which can be kept for decades, or even centuries. Casenobe produces this superb Rivesaltes from very old vines (more than 50 years).

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Rivesaltes - Rivesaltes (Red)

100% Grenache

It is a unique and magical moment to taste wines which cross decades and seem as young as ever. Brimming with finesse and aromatic and flavoursome complexity.

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