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Le Mas Doix was established in 1998 by the Doix and Llagostera families, whose names have been linked to winegrowing since 1850. However, before the bodega was created, grapes were sent to the cooperative. The vines are located on terraces 350 to 400 metres above sea level and vary in age between 70 and 100 years. The vineyard only spans 12 hectares, divided between five different cuvées, which each display the specific flavour of this Priorat terroir.

Mas Doix: All wines from this producer

Mas Doix: All wines from this producer

Price List Mas Doix

Wine name Vintage Price

Priorat Mas Doix Salanques


36 Price estimate statistics 2005

Priorat Mas Doix Doix


61 Price estimate statistics 2004
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