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Pascal Cotat is one of the Sancerre appellation’s top winemakers. He created his doman in Chavignol, a city known for its goat’s cheese. He inherited the family domain which is shared with his cousin (François), 2.3 hectares. This small terroir is of top quality, with limestone giving vibrancy and minerality to its Sauvignon grapes. He also owns vines in the Les Monts Damnés and Grande Côte parcels.

Pascal Cotat
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Sancerre  La Grande Côte

Sancerre La Grande Côte - Sancerre (White)

100% Sauvignon Blanc

This cuvée is generous and mineral. A reference in the region.

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Sancerre Les Monts Damnés Cuvée Spéciale - Sancerre (White)

Sauvignon Blanc All prices

Sancerre Les Monts Damnés Pascal Cotat - Sancerre (White)

100 % sauvignon

This wine is produced from the sloping hills of the Monts Damnés, with nice notes of citrus fruits and almond. It would go perfectly with the local cheese, crottin de Chavignol.

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Sancerre Cuvée Spéciale La Grande Côte - Sancerre (White)

Sauvignon Blanc

Un sauvignon produit en quantité infirme et taillé pour la grande garde, par l’un des grands noms de Sancerre.

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Vin de France - Chavignol Chavignol - Vin de France - Chavignol (Rosé)

Pinot noir

Reconnu pour ses grands blancs, Pascal Cotat tire également un rosé friand et harmonieux d'une micro parcelle de pinots noirs.

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