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Raphaël Monnier used to teach History and Geography. After transferring to Arbois and passing through the vines on his way to work every day, the decision was made: he left the classroom and became a wine maker.

There are 5 hectares of vines at Domaine de Ratapoil, a name that reminds us of Raphaël Monnier's playful vision of himself as an amateur wine maker, though it was in 2009 that he launched his venture. Over the years, parcels across 8 communes have been planted with old grape varieties – not yet featured in the appellation criteria – such as Trousseau, Poulsard, Gamay, Gueuche, Petit Beclan, Poulsard Blanc, and Mézy. Raphaël's passion for history clearly hasn't left him. He has converted the domain to organic growing, putting the vines at the heart of his work, guaranteeing a living soil and healthy, balanced plant life. He produces quite a large range, including appellation wines, vins de France and the famous ‘Avis de tempête' cuvées that demonstrate the innovative spirit of this wine maker: in 2017, a year that saw catastrophic weather conditions, he launched a négoce project, taking to the road in his refrigerated van to collect grapes that he vinifies under the name of ‘Avis de tempête', to the great relief of his loyal clients.

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: All wines from this producer

Côtes du Jura Par Ici Poulsard - Côtes du Jura (Red)

100% poulsard

Notes of red fruits balanced by a delicious acidity, suppleness and richness on the palate – this Poulsard is a showstopper!

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Côtes du Jura Trotte-Menu - Côtes du Jura (White),

Un assemblage de chardonnay et de savagnin qui séduit par ses notes de fruits jaunes et de fleurs blanches. La signature d'un vigneron empreint de méthodes respectueuses de l'environnement.

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Arbois Savagnin Agape - Arbois (White)


Jura's classic Savagnin crafted by an original!

All prices

Côtes du Jura Arbalète - Côtes du Jura (Brown)

Un joli savagnin ouillé, vif et délié, produit en quantité confidentielle.

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Arbois Va donc Chardonnay - Arbois (White)


A Chardonnay with notes of almond.

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Arbois Ingénu Pinot Noir - Arbois (Red)

Pinot noir

Think about opening this wine at your next aperitif with friends. A supple, beautifully light red! This Jura Pinot Noir deserves to be discovered without delay.

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Vin de France Corvées Trousseau - Vin de France (Red)

This cuvée has notes of wild red and black berries, and comes from a complanted parcel.

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