Domain: Château la Tour Blanche (Sauternes)

Château La Tour Blanche once belonged to a Mr Osiris, who donated it to the Ministry of Agriculture in 1907. The property boasts not only a vast vineyard planted over very even soil, but also a school of wine-making and viniculture. Having long punched below its true weight, the domaine was significantly modernised with State funding.

Château la Tour Blanche (Sauternes)
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Tour Blanche

Tour Blanche - Sauternes (Sweet)

78% Sémillon, 20% Sauvignon, 2% Muscadelle

A rich, refined premier cru classé with great complexity and tart flavours, but without heaviness. Sauternes is perfect for unusual pairings (acidulate dishes such as red berries or passion fruit, or very spicy dishes).

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