Information & scores : 2008 Northern Rhone

  • Indifferent 15/20

Vintage description 2008 Northern Rhone

Bracketed by two vintages that were (overly) critically acclaimed around the world, the 2008 vintage was underestimated by these same critics, who tend to prefer heavy-punching wines with high alcohol content that results in spectacular wines that are nevertheless not always easy to drink over a meal. In the Rhône Valley, the 2008 vintage was marked by extreme weather: hail, storms and violent winds were a daily fact of life for many wine-makers throughout a good chunk of the year, and particularly in September. Wine-makers were forced to practice severe selectiveness, but the result is highly appealing, featuring very refined wines. The Condrieu whites are particularly successful. As for the reds, Côte-Rôtie enjoyed a stunning vintage.

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