Information & scores : 2009 Alsace

  • Indifferent 16/20

Vintage description 2009 Alsace

As was the case for many other parts of France, 2009 was marked by a bad drought and very hot weather in August following a fairly wet spell. Like many other white wine producers, the Alsace vintage is very different to 2008, which produced taught wines, highly mineral, fairly reserved, almost austere sometimes. The 2009 wines are more open, generous and luxurious, in short, more powerful. Obviously some of these wines' characteristics are excessive, particularly when it comes to the alcohol. But the wines from old vines, deeply rooted to their terroirs (whose cultural practices encourage root growth as oppose to leaf growth), remain well-balanced and rich without being too excessive. Their freshness and acidity have been preserved and the finish remains saline and mineral. Overall, 2009 wines are very pleasant. The Rieslings are less austere than those of 2008, with a lovely fruitiness, slightly less marked by acidity and no doubt with a shorter cellaring capacity than usual.