Château des Rontets

Domain: Château des Rontets

The Château des Rontets, situated in Fuissé, is a family domain that was founded in the 19th century. It has been in the same family since 1870. The domain is now run by Claire Gazeau (great grandaughter of Francois Varambon who initially bought the property) and her husband Fabio Montrasi . It is situated on a plot of land of 5.6 hectacres at the top of a hill known locally as Les Rontets that looks out over the village of Fuissé. The estate has another plot of 0.5 hectacres in Pierrefolle, as well as another half hectacre in Côte de Besset in the commune of Saint-Amour. Since 2005 they have had organic certification. This domain has risen to a very high standard. Anything from Château Rontet is a sound investment.

Château des Rontets: All wines from this producer

Château des Rontets: All wines from this producer

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