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Xavier Weisskopf established Domaine Rocher des Violettes in 2005. He was born in the Oise region in 1979 and trained as a winegrower in Chablis. He continued his apprenticeship in Beaune where he became cellar master at Gigondas before creating his own property. His vineyard parcels are dotted around the commune of Saint-Martin-Le-Beau with 9 hectares in Montlouis and 4 hectares in the Touraine AOP. The vines are mature in age and Xavier Weisskopf does not use chemical fertilisers or products. Harvests are carried out by hand and every effort is made to limit oxidation and to preserve the wines' integrity. If you have not already done so, it is well worth trying these wines which are currently superb.

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Domaine du Rocher des Violettes

Domaine du Rocher des Violettes
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Montlouis-sur-Loire  La Négrette

Montlouis-sur-Loire La Négrette - Montlouis-sur-Loire (White)

100% Chenin Blanc

Un montlouis sec au sommet de l'appellation. D'une très belle intensité, il semble taillé pour la garde.

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Montlouis-sur-Loire Les Vignes de Michel - Montlouis-sur-Loire (White)

Un montlouis sec issu de vieux ceps de près de 120 ans, qui expriment à merveille ce terroir de la Loire.

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Vin de France Chenin Orange - Vin de France (Orange)

Chenin Blanc

An organic Chenin with a strongly fruity and floral character.

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Montlouis-sur-Loire  Touche Mitaine

Montlouis-sur-Loire Touche Mitaine - Montlouis-sur-Loire (White)

100% chenin

This cuvée, produced on a very small scale, showcases the elegance of Pinot Noir from outside of Burgundy. A delicate wine with aromas of fresh and crunchy red fruits.

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IGP Val de Loire - IGP Val de Loire (Red)

100% Pinot noir

An affordable Chardonnay vinified by an excellent Montlouis producer.

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Montlouis-sur-Loire  Les Borderies

Montlouis-sur-Loire Les Borderies - Montlouis-sur-Loire (White)

100% chenin

Un vin racé, élégant et fin, aux arômes de fruits blancs et aux notes délicates de miel et d'amandes grillées. A suivre, ce 100% chenin est issu d'une AOC en ascension !

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Montlouis-sur-Loire Moelleux Passerillage - Montlouis-sur-Loire (Sweet)

100% Chenin Blanc

Endowed with a gentle acidity, this Loire Moelleux is thus perfectly balanced between creaminess and freshness. A superb accompaniment to a delicate tart with quince and blue cheese.

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Touraine Vieilles Vignes de Côt - Touraine (Red)

côt, Malbec

Cette superbe cuvée au bouquet intense marqué par les arômes de fruits frais et les notes réglissées, de violette, se révèle un formidable vin de copains, idéal pour accompagner des viandes grillées.

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IGP Val de Loire Chardonnay - IGP Val de Loire (White)

100% Chardonnay

A demi-sec wine from Mark Angéli with apple and floral aromas. The palate is sublime, with the perfect balance between roundness and freshness. A gem!

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Touraine Cabernet Franc - Touraine (Red)

100% Cabernet franc

A flavourful and concentrated Cabernet Franc to enjoy with an autumnal dish.

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