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The Neisson distillery was founded in Carbet by the Neisson brothers in 1932. Jean, who was a trained chemical engineer, was committed to improving distillation techniques, as was reflected by the installation of the distillery’‘s Savalle still, originally built in 1938 and modified by Jean himself. The estate remains in family hands and is today run by Claudine and her son Grégory. In 2013, the estate began gradually converting to organic farming, supported by research into different cane varieties, plots and agricultural techniques. Neisson is rightly considered one of Martinique’‘s most innovative and ambitious distilleries. Neisson rum is instantly recognizable by the signature Zepol’‘Karé bottle with square shoulders.

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Rhum Neisson 18 years 1997 Of. Batch 2 - Rhum Neisson (Brown)

A rhum agricole from Martinique produced at the family-owned Neisson distillery. Distilled from sugarcane harvested in March 1997 and casked for maturation on 29 September 1997. A single cask bottled ... All prices

Neisson 2005 Of. Cask Strengh - bottled 2017 Velier 70 Years Old Edition Unique de 1150 bouteilles - Neisson (Brown)

A Neisson Martinique rhum agricole distilled in 2005 and bottled at cask strength to mark the 70th anniversary of Velier, the famous Genoese importer and bottler known for its high-quality rum selecti... All prices

Neisson 2010 Of. Tatanka - Le Coupeur LMDW - Neisson (Brown)

A Neisson Martinique rhum agricole distilled in 2010 and bottled in 2014 for La Maison du Whisky. On a number of occasions Neisson teamed up with the Tatanka studio for the design of its labels, which... All prices

Neisson 2007 Of. Cask Strengh - bottled 2017 Velier 70 Years Old Edition Unique de 528 bouteilles - Neisson (Brown)

Produced from a 2007 harvest and distillation, this agricole rum was then aged for nearly ten years in a bourbon cask at the Carbet distillery, before being vatted on 13 February 2017. It was bottled ... All prices

Neisson Of. Tatanka - Neisson (White)

Sur ce flacon sont représentées des scènes de la vie en Martinique et du travail des champs de canne ou de la distillerie.

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