Information & scores : 1982 Burgundy

  • Red 14/20
  • White 15/20

Vintage description 1982 Burgundy

The exceptionally hot, sunny weather in the first week of September resulted in an early harvest. Consequently, some of the wines showed signs of an overabundant harvest: a feeling of dilution due to a lack of substance. Nevertheless they still had the essential and charming qualities of their youth: suppleness and fruitiness. These wines reached their peak after a few years in bottles. Chardonnay gave a repeat performance of the miraculous wines of 1973, producing an unhoped for quality considering the abundant harvest. These white wines were soft and charming at a very early age, and they remained so throughout their ageing process. Except for a few great wines that have still to show their full potential and require a few more years of cellaring, these wines have reached their peak and need to be enjoyed straight away.