Information & scores : 2008 Bordeaux

  • Still white 14/20
  • Red 15/20
  • Sweet 13/20

Vintage description 2008 Bordeaux

A cool spring in 2008, with large amounts of rain prevented an early and rapid flowering, conducive to good vine fertilisation, which will in turn produce sufficient yields and encourage even ripening. A dry and relatively sunny July suppressed any unnecessary vine growth and stimulated veraison (the ripening process from green to red berries). A fairly cold August with little rain did not allow the grapes to ripen sufficiently and evenly enough. However, the Indian summer that came in mid-September bringing with it cool nights and warm days came just at the right time, avoiding any dilution and formation of rot. As a result, although 2008 is not on a par with the extraordinary vintages, it is nevertheless a very good year. 2008 is definitely better than 2007 and its wines were no doubt denser, better structured and richer than those of 2006. However, there is also a certain amount of heterogeneity in each of the appellations of this year. The different types of soil, the parcel exposure of each estate, and especially the work carried out in the vines, are all very discriminating factors in this vintage.