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The Beaujolais is a true Eldorado! This new allocation offers you the chance to discover a major figure of this beautiful region, Dominique Piron. The winemaker who, this year, celebrated his 50th vinification, is also president of the appellation. Working with a superb range of terroirs and old vines, he produces superb, easy drinking wines as well as excellent wines for aging.

Domaine Piron can be found at the foot of the Côte de Py. It is run by the expert hand of Dominique Piron, aged 66, who has proved a worthy heir to 14 generations worth of wine making savoir-faire. In 1988 he became the first in Beaujolais to buy grapes rather than grow them himself, injecting a pioneering spirit into the region. He oversees some 80 hectacres in 16 different communes in Beaujolais but he is based principally in the symbolic Morgon appellation as well as the Chénas, the smallest appellation in Beaujolais. Despite the breadth of Piron’s domain, his wines are always in harmony with one another. He continues to produce reliable wines, vinified in a way that places emphasis on tradition and origin. In addition to the winegrowing, Piron is also involved in negociant activity. In July 2017 he became President of the board of Inter-Beaujolais U.I.V.B. for which he has big ambitions! Piron’s main area of focus is on the quailty of wines in the Beaujolais and the steps needed to protect the environment.

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Dominique Piron

Dominique Piron
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Morgon Aux Pierres - Morgon (Red)


C’est l’élite du domaine – après son vigneron lui aussi bien reconnu dans la région -, une cuvée qui n’est produite que dans les grandes années. A assortir avec un tournedos Rossini, après quelques années de garde.

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Morgon Côte du Py Dominique Piron (Domaine)

Morgon Côte du Py Dominique Piron (Domaine) - Morgon (Red)

100% Gamay

A very fine and powerful wine with a silky texture and the characteristic graphite minerality of the Côte du Py. This wine must be kept for two to five years for its texture to settle down.

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Chénas Quartz Dominique Piron (Domaine)

Chénas Quartz Dominique Piron (Domaine) - Chénas (Red)

100% Gamay

This Chénas has a supple palate and a beautiful texture. This wine is for sharing and will

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Fleurie Dominique Piron (Domaine)

Fleurie Dominique Piron (Domaine) - Fleurie (Red)


A Fleurie, the most feminine of the Beaujolais with its fruity and floral nature will pair well with a simple regional dish like sauce-based white meat.

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Morgon Grand Cras Dominique Piron (Domaine)

Morgon Grand Cras Dominique Piron (Domaine) - Morgon (Red)


Two words sum up this Morgon Vieilles Vignes: volume and character. Nicely concentrated and enhanced by spicy and cherry liqueur notes, this is the perfect wine to drink with game!

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Morgon La Chanaise Dominique Piron (Domaine)

Morgon La Chanaise Dominique Piron (Domaine) - Morgon (Red)

100% Gamay

A superb, supple and fruity Morgon for drinking on its own or with a platter of charcuterie.

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Beaujolais Dominique Piron (Domaine) - Beaujolais (White)


With its white flower and exotic fruit aromas, this highly successful Beaujolais white will enhance delicately-flavoured foods to perfection.

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  • La Revue du vin de France
“The domain is writing a new chapter in its history by working with a partner winemaker, Julien Revillon. […] The partnership should allow this venerable domain, which has been running for 14 generations, to continue working. We highly recommend their vast, consistent range of wines.”
  • Bettane & Desseauve

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